Author Topic: The Chronology of the Blockland Forums  (Read 144232 times)

How about the thread where Doaler tries to hide his identity and pretends to be someone new, only to get banned immediately:

And Keith's hilariously bad forum Self Delete:
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And Keith's hilariously bad forum Self Delete:
Considering this single empty threat of a post that led to their ban is the highlight, i'm not sure that alone is worth archiving

I added the Doaler thread though since soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning actually interesting happened

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Note: Zapk's spam singing is already up there in the OP

Missed that oops.

Don't forget Blockland Gold though, not sure if there is a better thread but here's the drama for it:

I propose "Zealot forms a Students-For-Satan Club" ( be added to the OP

And/Or "Zealot Eats a Sock" (

zealot eats a sock is too recent

its a smart move to wait a few months and see if those topics still stand out

It got pretty popular on reddit though, I'll give him that