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Author Topic: Cohort [Medieval City]  (Read 60831 times)

Wow, you really worked on the island a lot! I really love the port. :D

How did I end up banned from your server? I've never even visited, afaik.

idk who banned you, your unbanned now

You guys are insanely good at building.

How did I end up banned from your server? I've never even visited, afaik.
🐍🐍🐍 that's why

what to put here

I already got a dining table fyi

also do you think the kitchen floor would look good with a black checkered pattern, all black

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what? lol
also, i built this little pirate town at heed's place


put one of those counters, sleven. would fit pretty well attached to the kitchen counter

put sum despum on dut woll, maybe a plant of sorts?

but it's such a big spot

and idk what you mean with that Conan

like that but obviously mirrored

Well to start off Sylvanor told me to post these on here to get advice I also want to say that I did not build 100% of this it is a team effort between me and BobaFettFive

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NOICE! Please post reshade settings!

How did you get that tilt shift like effect on both top and bottom? What FOV did you use?

i dont see how we can accurately critique your build if the pictures are all rendered so beautifully lol
from what i can tell though it looks good.