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Author Topic: Cohort [Medieval City]  (Read 60887 times)

Capitol Building Servo2  BL_ID: 33520

I've had blockland for almost four years now, I try and spend most of my time building gilded-age 19th century buildings, such as the Capitol

Im posting this application on behalf of Servo2 33520

The building isn't all that bad, but it doesn't really get your imagination going if you get me right. It is bland in a sense, both in color (which isn't really a problem for me) but also in the way he's executed shapes and overall wall decoration and detail. Don't know if this is supposed to be a take on the US capitol, seeing it has some similarities. If he were to make an exact replica of the capitol the building woulda been sweet, or if he'd maybe gone really off track and created something more original. Right now we sit here with some sort of middle-ground capitol building that neither does this or that. The walls seem to be all the same, excessive use of arches, boring striped bottom, pillars that doesn't feel like they're part of the build seeing they don't connect to the ceiling in an attractive way, tall and narrow dome with no detail only brick windows (props though for executing a reasonable dome). Yeah the build is bland at the core, so it's a no from me. But I would like to point out that this isn't a horrible build, I really think this dude could get better and come back stronger.

I really think this dude could get better and come back stronger.

I'm just going to take note of this, and personally elect to not give my opinion forwards on this build. I agree with the above that the build is lacking in many parts, and overall could be improved upon greatly.
The reason behind not giving my opinion forth is I am aware that Setro2 is making a new building that is greatly better in quality, thus I will wait until the completion of it.

do you even bl whos

also, looky look i filled the gap

O: i really like it!!!
also whose is playing yes
i also made a kitchen some weeks ago that is super similar to your! ill post a pic
pay attention to the ground floor, i like it very much

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do you even bl whos

But hey dont let me be the judge.

Loving the kitchens, finally someone can cook me some nugget

Absolutely beautiful sight, what could that be, a new project?

Romantic shot with babevanor

He is not looking at machine
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ew gross
im looking at the slot machine, ok?

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cohort team is working on a project for Port and Evar :P
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