Author Topic: What was the worst Windows OS and what was the best Windows OS?  (Read 2323 times)

What do you guys think is the worst Windows OS and what the best is?


Worst to me is vista

Best to me is 8.1

worst is 8 and best is 10 since the only windows versions ive used is XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Windows 7 was the best, worst was Windows ME.
Although I prefer Windows 10, Windows 7 was in such a great place for so long.

Either 7 or 10 for best and 8 (not 8.1) for the worst

windows xp today looks like and plays like garbage, windows 7 best.

Windows 10 is the best.

Vista and xp were painfully bad. Dark days for windows. Windows 2000 was bad too but it's a way old OS.
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windows 8.1 is good

windows vista is just    n o

In my opinion the worse is Windows Vista, 8 and ME. The Best is Windows 10, XP, 7 and 95/98.

I used an old Vista laptop at a friend's house and it was loving abhorrent.

I still use Windows 8 and even that isn't as bad.

Vista was an absolute mess. I had issues with 10 at first but after doing a fresh install it's about as good as 7, imo.

idk why people are saying xp and 8 is bad, xp was a fantastic os at it's time and 8 wasn't THAT bad

vista on the other hand....

Vista was the best
Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous

OT: Windows 7 and 10

In hindsight, all of them are poorly-designed under the hood. However, the best was probably Windows 7, and the worst probably Windows 95 or 98. Windows Vista, 8, and 10 are pretty bad, while XP was tolerable.

However, Windows (all versions) have terrible underlying security. UAC was a bandaid that they slapped onto a very serious problem. Unix-like systems (including Linux and OSX) are engineered to be far more secure. Windows and OSX are also annoyingly closed down and proprietary.
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Best: WXP
Worst: WMe.

Great OSses: w3.1 w98 w2000 wXP w7 w10
Bad OSses: w95 wMe wVista w8

Windows Vista wasn't a bad OS. It just removed the DOS part which 90% of the programs of that time used. XP was a mix of NT and DOS. If there were more programs independant of DOS, it could've been a good OS.

Windows Mellenium, on the other hand, was the worst piece of stuff ever made and a total disaster. The only good feature it had was the recovery system.
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