Author Topic: SilverBunnie - Spam, General Nuisance  (Read 11726 times)

NO! I just never did this before...and I want to figure it an EASY way...

does anybody know how to post saves?  :panda: :cookie:

\why do you want to know?
jeez ....didn't have to use bad lang. jeez

:I he ded...  :cookieMonster:
would be cool if there was a FNAF Item thing like...or hats...(sry if I'm requesting to much....)

Bonnie Ears
Chica Cupcake (item you can hold)
Tablet brick

 :panda: :cookie:
ya ya ya...I just started today! I'm not that much!stop expecting me to know all this stuff! :panda:
idk why I did this...
plus I just started today ;-;
if I was one of you Fellows I would pick Blockland! blockland is fun...but I aint telling you to pick it ....
 :cookieMonster:   anyways...all of you girlsand boysbe picking ya favorite game!

REMEMBER only 10days!;u=149656;sa=showPosts

Silver has only been on here for less than a day and all his/her posts are stuffposts. Ripping other peoples' work and making stuffty "add-on packs" without the permission of the authors, spamming topics, and being just generally annoying.

hm whats gona hepen.,,,,.,,

we got another enforcer vigilante


He PMmed me this

that signature made me laugh rlly hard... XD
idk why I put it here it just made me cringe when I read it

Was going to make a drama on this guy.

Some people go a little too far

When I first joined I acted exactly like this, expect a major melt down.

it's either someone very immature (like some notable forumers when they first joined) or someone very annoying

Seems like he's one of those users who lie about their age for some reason.


Dear god, those posts.

this aint some kid friendly forum son

ot: /support