Author Topic: [VIDEO] Discord Feud: The Tavern vs The Clique (Family Feud in Blockland)  (Read 5966 times)

i doubt anyone from either side would want to participate
I'm all in for this

I'm all in for this
yea me and drew also kinda want to do this

loving lol dude, great video

rofl the sponsor tribute

new profile pic

put the glory hole in it

we all know it's the best exclusive discord

that was pretty damn good

yo listen up everybody, i'm alexfrost, the guy working the questions that you can't see

if you have a discord group that wants to possibly play discord fued, feel free to pm me and say. i say possibly because jayce isn't too great with setting dates for stuff

so yea, hit me up if you want to discuss playing this

EDIT: something that's kinda funny to note, in this video we didn't have a scoring system, so the winner was just a guess. from here on out we will have a set scoring system

do the clique again and this time put me in it

I gotta admit that was pretty funny. Lots of effort put into it too. Good work!
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Please make more of these

Alright The Glory Hole is up on episode 3.

Our team will consist of

Aka the loving DREAMTEAM