What would you like our base to be ?

Big base made out of a ship on a bunch of Archipelagos.
9 (25%)
A large af pirate themed spaceship with skeleton bodyparts.
27 (75%)

Total Members Voted: 32

Author Topic: The bone rattelers (WE HAVE DISCORD NOW)  (Read 8840 times)

Sorry about the long silence, im currently shat over with tests and crap so i wont be able to be on the 1v1. So i would like to replace myself with someone else from the clan.

IM (Kinda) BACK. Also i will primarily focus on the base, most of you wanted a huge pirate spaceship decorated with skulls and stuff, so that is what i will try to build.

bone hurting juice coming up

bone hurting juice coming up
Violence over innocent bones will not be tolerated.

This will be added to the new propaganda poster part.
On second note forget that noise, i dont know how to resize stuff.
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Let me join, I've got lots of milk in fact, I've got a skele-TON of milk...

let me join i have tons of skeleton research

i made a loving boner like 2 years ago

the game has changed
Scuse me
Are you trying to rattle our bones for your amusment ? I hope you get boned.

i made a loving boner like 2 years ago
is that the skeleton from the wtf boom meme
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