Author Topic: older blockland user check-in.  (Read 128831 times)

I saw some old faces on my server last night... Krystal and Gothboy77 also joined

(Tetris drew my avatar)

 i tried to join but it was 10/10

i tried to join but it was 10/10

your damn right it was 10/10

but for real, if its ever full just pm me over bl glass or steam and I'll either kick a fool like betelgeuse or increase player limit : )

Hello! I am here and i am old.

Back to lurking

holy cow it's been forever since i've seen you here. glad you stopped by!

Well i've been here since 2011 so I guess i'm considered old now.

I just came here to read this post
First post in 3 years
I've missed you Leo.

/Sleven (4540)

I found it!  I found the F2000 I was looking for!  Conan saves the day!
It was there all along, wow.

Sorry about that.

Looks like it's Kaje's birthday!

Happy birthday, Kaje!

Happy B-day. :3
following the tradition

I saw that and was waiting to post it today lol

good chance kaje won't see it this time around though :c

happy birthday kaje!!
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oh god what a throwback