Author Topic: blockland is dying.  (Read 6725 times)

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but if we want blockland to stay alive, we need to develop some kind of funding solution for hosting the servers.
No proof in any of what I'm saying, but I've heard that GBFL was told not to work on another tourney map b/c blockland probably wouldn't last that long. I mean, I knew blockland was dying p badly, but I'd like it to last for at least a little while longer. I'd love input, as I don't have the mental capacity to think of any solutions.
<insert emotional story that proves how great blockland is and why it deserves another life>

I like the community here though

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of course its coming from greywolf

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I know the solution! We need more people like Glass:

By my count this makes 24 keys you've had deactivated.  I can't fix this issue because I don't have access to the source code of your brain.

blockland's dying AGAIN? this is merciless overkill

Are we changing to green now?

I can't believe that you found such compelling evidence. I seriously do feel now that blockland is a dead game. Thank you very much.

poor blockland can't catch a break

im killing blockland right NOW. and none of you can stop me.

im killing blockland right NOW. and none of you can stop me.
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