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Bitcoin Cash is trading on Coinbase now, extremely bullish.

Reminder: If you had any Bitcoin wallets with coins on the 1st of August this year, you have an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash. Electronium Cash (a fork of the Electrum wallet) can be used to recover your bitcoin cash funds simply by importing your wallet seed. Remember, it's important that you empty the Bitcoin wallet before sending the Bitcoin Cash funds as there is a small chance of the Bitcoin chain seeing your Bitcoin Cash transaction as valid. This is only an issue when moving coins from your original Bitcoin wallet, once it's in a Bitcoin Cash wallet there is no problem.

There is also a similar situation for Bitcoin Gold/Diamond, you can look those up if you want those coins too.
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cryptocurrency crash when

cryptocurrency crash when

I'm currently on a bit of a high from investing in stocks, so I just $200 into Ether at $780. I'm just gonna leave it there and see what happens. If it crashes I loose $200, if it surges up to where bitcoin someday, then I made a nice wad of cash.

so should I invest in Bitcoin Cash? Also how do I convert my already-existing BTC into bitcoin cash without having to deal with the bs of paying capital gains tax?

taxes only count if you've earned a certain amount. someone explained a couple pages back.

Dropped all my Litecoin for Ethereum after reading this

I'm debating going all in on Ethereum and buying up to $1000 of it. Right now I only have 0.310563ETH (I put in $250).

Volatility is scary yo

dont put in what youre not fine losing.

dont put in what youre not fine losing.
Of course, that is only a small fraction of my savings. Still the volatility of it all is just scary.

Should the downward spiral of Bitcoin and Ether today be concerning?

stuffs dropping like flies

i think the bubble popped

earned another $2100 on ETN coin since this morning :D

Should the downward spiral of Bitcoin and Ether today be concerning?
Bitcoin's going down and it's causing a price correction in pretty much all the other coins (no idea what's going on with Ripple). I wouldn't be worried about ETH and some of the other coins but BTC and BCH are having a battle to the death right now and it's anybody's game.

Tense times in the crypto community