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This was just a questionnaire topic to test the waters for interest in this community, and i guess there is some discussion to be had after all. so this can be the topic for now.

So i guess discuss what you like and dont like. share examples of success and bad luck lol.

ive always been into standard mid-term stock holding for over 15 years now. recently been trying out multiple baskets.
short explanation for noobs.

my dollars:

robinhood phone app is great for stock day-trading. because its free trades. meaning you can buy and sell small volumes by the day for small profit, and not be screwed on the tiny profit with broker fees. good for newbies to learn how since the app itself is ultra simplified. I no longer long-term hold, but still enjoy stalking the short trends all day and quick trading. I have a weekly auto deposit set up of 50 bucks so i can do more and more each time.

acorns phone app. its more comparable to a savings. however your balance is invested for you and you just wait it out as the broker does the watching and moving for you. it doesnt earn huge, but its stable and safe. if nothing else, for saving money. once you break $1k balance in there you can see noticeable income from the dividends. i auto deposit $50 a week. it also has some feature where it watches your bank card and auto deposits cents off every use you make. it just wasnt fast enough for me so i didnt go that way.

vanguard phone app/site. just solid ETF broker. i buy a $45-$50 share once a week to add to my holdings. not fast income, but very safe.

my crypto:

I refuse to long hold btc,eth,ltc or any big coin, they just for exchanging and moving money for me. im all about alt coin ICO pump and dump. each time praying for one to stay ground and grow, but at least i can earn off the initial hype if they dont.

coinbase app for getting USD in and out of cryptos

cryptopia is my exchange of choice.

USI-Tech and B3 coins im into for staking.

my only long hodl right now is ETN coin. and currently mining it.
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Wish I could've invested in Bitcoin when it was dirt cheap

this is a minecraft thread

I use Stash primarily for long term investment. Returns typically hovering around 7-12% and great for the long term.

ethereum or nothing
i have 3 bucks in it
a whole 3 loving dollars i'm actually insane someone stop me

holding mBTC 168.17 here
0.7953 ETH
2.6309 LTC

bought it like 6 months ago, gunna hang onto it for 5 years.

i tried eth i didnt like it too much.
right now im dropping lot of money into etn coin.

i have 4 lite coin & .1 bitcoin

The values of these cryptocurrencies are driven significantly by excessive speculation, hype, and optimism. It's gonna pop at some point, and everyone who kept their assets long-term in BTC is gonna be boned.

I think you pretty much already have your answer for why there are no topics like that.

most here are hardly adults, and don't care

I used to be big on the idea of crypto currencies for the sake that you could theoretically profit off of the false speculations of others. However, I'm not too sure that any of the other forms of cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoins really have any shot at success, so there's hardly much use or value in trading between them in my mind. Even then, Bitcoins really only ever seemed useful if you had some reasons for wanting to stay anonymous (such as buying illegal stuff online), so most people don't have any good reason to have Bitcoins.

I do intend to invest in stocks when I have enough money saved up to get a good footing on investments and what not. However, I don't really feel like I'd get any good ideas about what to invest in, etc. from the forums of an online lego game. I'm just not so sure that I can trust what's said here like that.

its not relevant anymore

I think I've got something like $300 worth of both BTC and BCH. I kinda miss actually being able to reasonably pay for things with bitcoin, but with the scaling issues I don't think there is a lot of hope for it being a good medium of regular transactions ever again. Part of the reason I'm holding BCH is because I'm holding out some hope it'll maybe overtake Bitcoin in adoption and I can start using it for everyday transactions again like I had with Bitcoin before.

forget cryptocurrency, it ruined the midline GPU market and I want a goddamn GPU that doesn't cost $400.

forget miners. for a while, you couldn't get a 1080 specifically because of miners.