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this is embarrassing

the whole egg hunt is embarrassing. they managed to combine the slowness of 2018 with the laziness of 2015. you have to go into different popular games to collect just 1 egg at a time. its also sponsored.
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im so dissapointed in this egg hunt, 40 games, not worlds games, and you have to wait just to get one egg, and you wont even be able to figure it out because the map is too big. this is the last egg hunt by the way.

Maybe it's stuff because - as it's intended to be the last one - they want to make it so insufferable that nobody wants another free hat event ever again?

i just met someone so stupid

i asked this dude what the flag was on his shirt (south korean) and he wouldn't answer until 5 minutes later, which he responded with "JAPAN or sumthin..."

i asked him which one of these was a democracy, north or south korea? didn't get an answer for that.

asked him how many countries were in north america, "idc i dont pay attention"

ok, name one democracy. no answer. "idc, too lazy"

ok your such an idiot i'll give you an easy one, "name one branch of the us government" and i stuff you not, he said democracy

then i asked him ONE HUMAN RIGHT, "idc, lazy"

i couldn't believe my eyes. i asked what his best grade was. he said an a+ in math. i asked him what the median was this was, "1,2,3"
he left.

keep in mind he was 15, and didn't even know that he was old enough to get a job, which i told him to do because he had no life playing roblox at that age, but apparently he told me i know nothing about like because i was 2 years younger than him and he acted like he was a boomer telling their under aged children (son of boomer, under 18) about back in the day and life experiences. i had on an outfit which i tried to replicate from my 2012 outfit on, it had the chill face and he told me i watched youtubers because of it, which is an insult because I watch youtube? he was talking about roblox youtubers, which he watched.
i never knew that people could get that stupid, i'm not meme-ing or anything, i was in awe at the answers that he told me. our generation is doomed.

how did they manage to forget up this egg hunt by making it even more tedious than the last
like holy stuff
2018's super mario odyssey stuff was fun but hella tedious sometimes but at least it was fun

but 2019's sellout egghunt is worse
you literally have to join the hub server, enter a portal, finish the task (which can be very loving tedious), exit the game, and then join the hub server, rinse and repeat
i had more fun in "welcome to the neighborhood of robloxia" running over street lamps than i did finding the damn egg (which i got bored and didnt find)

they really shouldve just done a 2018 but better egg hunt that stuff id had totally played constantly but this stuff???? this monkey doodoo????????? it aint it.

im 99% sure i got eggs from this event without logging in, lol

plaza 2: the game thats only fun because you get to jump off the top floor of a building

in survive the disasters 2 i got a streak of 177 on hardcore mode (died to hyper meteors)
10th place on the leaderboard :D

"owo" and "uwu" is censored in Roblox chat.

Roblox is the big gay

you’re trying too hard