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I've got some cancerous ideas for hats:
  • Gru's loving long nose
  • Roblox 'oof head'
  • Mike Wazouski's head
  • Jimmy Neutron's Hair
  • Miles Edgeworth's Hair
  • A little Blockhead that sits on your head
  • A Tiny Head (Like a shrunken version of the default head that replaces your head but make it colorable)
  • A longer Dimmadome hat, like 4x the height

Yeah, Im deciding to decline on these

he said 3 suggestions speed
forget I can't read for stuff

Edit: Updated my list to my best 3 that are reasonably good.
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Yeah, Im deciding to decline on these

whats wrong with the bighead hat do you not have a childhood

no its just that he did way more than 3

Turn Mr.LoL's head into a head hat.

Great Sage's Reckoning, is it possible? You don't need the glowy glowy stuff. (The hat is the hair + little crown thing)

jesus christ it usually does not take that long to make a hat what are you doing

please do the roblox biggerhead