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in the year 1999 BC. with the help of his friend, martinoliy shkreli, a man named borislav trump etched two words on a slab of stone in an area now known as palestine


- tlto
- torin


- sherif
- dreams_of_cheese
- cret
- drake
- kidalex
- beachbum
- edd
- garshy
- maxx
- blockity
- yevgeniy konoplya
- megabear
- khaz
- armando
- ahoy


- Nu HQ
- Battlegrounds
- Tito Town
- D&D Castle
- Wild West Town
- Vietnam War Build
- Flying City
- School Shooting


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*cracks knuckle* *chucjle* lets get down to business

drake my thot partner

hey fellas, whos these guys down the street?

aw yeah

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Today is a legendary day

who is this handsome man?
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where reapear

i seek sA man Named Repeer

can i be on the thot list this time

can i be on the thot list this time
theres no thot list anymore (yet)

thot patrol shippuden

bot batrol the next generation