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Part 1.

Satan From Wreck-It-Ralph

--- Synopsis ---

General asshole who seems to maliciously pride upon following around Insert Name Here and posting personal or sensitive info around for no apparent reason. When he isn't doing that he goes around stalking INH's different web accounts. To my knowledge it seems like he has been doing this for a year or so. To shut down those who are about to say "Well it was public info everyone could see it!" Information was dug into and spread around with malicious intent, so at this point it doesn't matter if the information was public or private; the malicious intent is still there. This guy is creepy as forget and I don't know what his problem is.


Remember this whole stuffshow? Guess who made it!

bitch ima do it


I forgot about this old PM he sent me, pretty ironic

context: this was back in the anonymous image thingy set up by swallow or someone. Someone was spamming anime fat fetish and "shoutout to INH," one of the images was of a steam convo, and I asked the person in that steam convo who that was, and they said it was Satan. So I PM'd Satan about it and he replied with this

Edit: I don't mean this post to out satan on stuff from a year ago, I just posted it to show how much of a straight hypocrite dick he's being, and this is the first ever time I even mentioned this outside of the one PM and the dude on Steam I messaged

In conclusion, here's my message to Satan:

I don't know why or what is driving you to do this but it's not funny and it's extremely frustrating to see this bullstuff every once in a while from you. Fix this stuff because it's disgusting, annoying, and from what it looks like, (since you got major backlash from that last quote) other people aren't very amused by it either.

And a message to those who like to follow INH around in-game and bring up old ass stuff and harass him for it:

You claim INH to be the bad person? Well here's some food for thought: You're worse. :)

Leave INH alone for god's sake. He's done and said some really stupid stuff in the past, yes. But he's one of the few on here who seems to have actually changed and grown from his mistakes. There is a difference between 1) being held accountable for doing stupid stuff and 2) outright harassing someone because you're an asshole.

Part 2.

This Community

Before I really get into this, I'm going to start off with:

No, this is not an "im leaving" post. Lol bitch I'm staying the forget
No, this is not a post explicitly stating that Blockland is dying.
Will this post work to help better this community? I dont know... probably not. It's worth a try though.

This game is old. People are leaving, but players are also coming in. The ratio or amount of how many people play this game now is an entirely different debate for a different time; the point is that we have an indefinite amount of time before this game dies off for good. It could be sooner or later, and as someone who loves this game because of the fun it can bring as well as being an amazing creative outlet for myself and others, I'd kinda like for this game to die off later.

We don't really present a good first impression to these new players, as can be seen both in-game and with the thread made a bit ago on all the negative reviews left on the steam page. "This community is stuff"? "Community sucks" It does suck but absolutely no one is doing anything about it. We've been in this perpetual state of "sucky community" for the longest and everyone just kinda goes along with it under the excuse of "this community is small but i like it anyways" completely ignoring the problems that plague this community.

There is way too much unnecessary, stupid drama going on that can be avoided or dealt with in a better manner. Now, I understand that juicy Drama has been a part of Blockland's community from the beginning and everyone kinda has this "Drama-Board ego" that grows with time, but I hate it. Everyone is constantly on each other's ass. Who can make the best jab here, or who can meme the best there. Who can dox who, who did this, why did so and so do that? It's like mind your loving business or something. Don't get me wrong, though, it is perfectly acceptable to bring serious problems to light. It's just this board has created this "drama culture" that exists all throughout the community that's incredibly toxic, unpleasant, and annoying.

Discord is a prime example of this and I find myself avoiding Blockland discords specifically because of all the stupid drama that goes on. I can't for the life of me figure out why people hang around discords with all that stuff going on. Is it not tiring? Maybe it's just me but I've never been interested in being in drama or observing it from the outside. It's dumb, messy, and if it doesn't concern me I especially wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. This program has ushered in this new retarded age of drama and it's honestly getting so old seeing the same stuff and the same people have the same stupid beef all on discord. Grow up and get your stuff together in private or on discord already.

There are more problems this community has which someone else can address, but I dont want to make the OP too long. We as a community clash heads way too much over trivial stuff and it just feeds into this toxic environment that I'm sure nobody rational or reasonable here wants. My point is that, as an older member of the community, I really hate seeing this community the way it is. If there's anything we collectively as a community can do, can we please take that step or something?

This game and community is a safe place for some. Some of us are stupid, some of us are cool. Some of us deserve to be condemned for stupid stuff, some of us don't. At the end of the day this is a lego game and a forum for it in which we are all here to have fun. For the most part, we need to chill out guys. Some of this stuff going on is wholly extra and unnecessary.


loving /support

sick of the dude constantly stalking my profiles and me having to change everything just so he'd forget off

/support on both matters

But you forgot to mention how politics have also had more negative than positive influences on this community

The drama board is the heart of the horde in this community. You can get popular and famous by dramaing people like Celau, or you can get popular and "famous" by being dramaed. A whole lot. Like zapk, or cca, or wound, or you can be a forum funnyman like Mawty (knew comedic timing although what he did was kindof brute force) and Toxicology who develop followings just by... existing and making posts.

The problem is: most people never let go of dramas. I still have issues with celau to this day for something that happened months ago. I've been able to make amends with some people, but strangely not the people who go out of their way to make dramas. Hell, this account was dramaed by PhantOS not even 3 days in and we can talk like normal people. I don't see why people still treat INH like he deserves this stuff.

Oddly enough, Satan from Wreck-It-Ralph openly has a fat fetish and says he has a furaffinity account... so there's that. Even though INH is against my personal favorite animal besides tigers I still can talk to him normally. There's a problem these people have where they refuse to actually let go of something. Sure, there's lots of legitimate reasons to be against him and me, but are there any recently?

So in conclusion of this post, i'm going to say that I agree with this post all except the blockland discord part. Find your place and you'll be good, don't go to the big ones or the most popular ones. Go to the new ones or the friendlier ones that seem to crop up and integrate into them and you'll 99% be sure to not be involved in drama. Or atleast be able to dispose of it quickly.

In conclusion, here's my message to Satan:
this is a christian community!
Why is satan even stalking insert name here in the first place?

he has a furaffinity account.
Maybe Insert should fight fire with fire!

Maybe Insert should fight fire with fire!
That's stupid. I'm not stooping to his level, and I don't even know his account nor care enough to post it

hes cool but i dont like when he does stuff like this it makes me sad

it makes me sad
aww poor nix is sad. u need a wipey to wipe ur tears away?
im bored sorry.

/support on both matters

But you forgot to mention how politics have also had more negative than positive influences on this community
As toxic as most political discussion may be, it's contained in an off-topic thread for the most part. Who am I to try and censor legitimate off-topic discussion?

I think we can take steps to better political discussion, but for now the people who participate in politics here are either trolls or too passionate about what they're saying. It's up to them really.

Also political stuff shows in unrelated threads need to stop. They've died down thank god but still.

No, this is not an "im leaving" post. Lol bitch I'm staying the forget


Maybe Insert should fight fire with fire!
if you stoop to the level of someone causing the argument, then you automatically are equal to them. what if he has some really embarassing stuff there? then inh would be at fault too. it's better to leave one side of a flamethrower fight clear, that way when the room is full of flames you're in a place that isn't going to be engulfed.

What made Satan want to look up his Minty account anyway?

What made Satan want to look up his Minty account anyway?
No loving clue at all

/support on both matters

But you forgot to mention how politics have also had more negative than positive influences on this community