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Dueling Ranged Weapons
Version 0.1

Since there's a slight chance i might just forget about finishing this weapon pack (or die horribly due to unforseen causes), I decided to release it as-is, ci-less and ui-less, so people can use it.

Here's a bunch of development gifs and pictures:
Hunting Bow:

Weapons included:
Hunting Bow:
  • Fast load and charge, but low base accuracy.
  • 33 damage per shot
  • Slows you to 25% movement speed while charging

  • 4 second load, cannot move while loading
  • 50 damage per shot
  • High base accuracy, slows you to 45% move speed while charging

  • 12 second load, 40% move speed while loading
  • 110 damage per shot
  • High base accuracy, slows you to 25% move speed while charging
  • Has bayonet, right click while not loading or charging to stab people. Requires Dueling Swords enabled.

Flintlock Pistol:
  • 7.6 second load, 40% move speed while loading
  • 70 damage per shot
  • Medium base accuracy, slows you to 25% move speed while charging. Max accuracy around 1 64x baseplate

All weapons can cancel charging with right click.

CI by Jam Jar, and icons by Pompmaker! Thanks dudes <3

Download on Blockland Glass
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If anyone would be so kind as to create good CI/UI, I would greatly appreciate it (and give you credit of course)
a friend in need is a friend indeed, here you go conan

also your hunting bow ui is messed up, the charge color code appears on the crosshair

but other than that it's gr8

That bow CI must stretch the chat with height like that, maybe it should just be pointing upward so that you can fit it's height under 30 pixels

For reference, Blockland's default CI is 22 pixels tall

Or use the arrow like the default bow does

yeah should probably just use the arrow

christ i forgetin knew rgbToHex() wasn't default. now the question is where did it come from...

thanks pomp

port transcribed it from somewhere else

Code: [Select]
function rgbToHex( %rgb )
%r = _compToHex( 255 * getWord( %rgb, 0 ) );
%g = _compToHex( 255 * getWord( %rgb, 1 ) );
%b = _compToHex( 255 * getWord( %rgb, 2 ) );

return %r @ %g @ %b;
function _compToHex( %comp )
%left = mFloor( %comp / 16 );
%comp = mFloor( %comp - %left * 16 );

%left = getSubStr( "0123456789ABCDEF", %left, 1 );
%comp = getSubStr( "0123456789ABCDEF", %comp, 1 );

return %left @ %comp;
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Wait the musket is a bot?

Wait the musket is a bot?
Yea since you cannot recolor nodes on images if I remember

Why is the crossbow so much better than the musket? It does half as much damage but the reload time is 1/4th of the musket. The crossbow deals 2.2x more damage on average every second

My suggestion: give the musket 7-8 second load time. Single shot high damage guns should generally be slightly better than low damage fast guns because shots are riskier. Missing the first shot means you are basically dead whereas the auto gun could land 50 damage before your death. That way the slow gun is slightly more rewarding for skilled playersm

Your counter argument is probably gonna be 'but crossbow stops you from moving when reloading' but to be fair with both crossbow and musket nobody is gonna be stupid enough to reload in the open. They'll just retreat behind enemy lines where you have no way to get them. In that sense the movement speed stuff doesn't have much of a difference.

Also now that I type out the above, a aoe weapon wouldn't hurt, especially in the presence of such crippling reloads. In fact, an aoe like uh, grenade or Greek fire weapon or maybe a penetrating sniper would be a great counter for people who decide to pusillanimous individual behind cover while they reload for 30 seconds. Of course in 1v1 that counter can be done by simply pushing up on the enemy but in a group battle people will probably learn to take turns firing to minimize a break in their assault
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