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Author Topic: FALLOUT 76 THREAD | THE FINAL FALLOUT MEGATHREAD  (Read 27836 times)

it's gonna be a 3d fallout shelter. mark my words.

tony i can hear you sobbing from my house please stop

Online. Survival. RPG.

No suprise tony's buttblasted before it even releases.

i loving bet its 3d fallout shelter

leaks fake and gay

better be

i think it sounds too stupid to be true, and nothing in the preview hints towards that.
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99% sure its an online game.

just look at the trailer. 'Reclamation Day' basically means that all the vault dwellers are leaving the vault, which is basically a storyline that would explain why there are so many vault dwellers (or online players) in the open world. its probably gonna have some kind of starting in vault 76 after it opened itself to the outdoors

please... have some kind of singleplayer