Author Topic: Zachs pokemon rant because why not  (Read 6721 times)

what would zach do if there was a south park episode making fun of doreamon

i forget YOU PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!

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It seems Zach is finally getting along with the forums!

why does there have to be 2 of every game

are they going on an ark or something
sometimes there was 3
does that mean there's a 3rd gender?

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You don't know stuff about pokemon, god damn. Start researching before you start sperging, please.

i still like pokemon because im an autist who enjoys competitive battling

going by the fact you thought the starters were randomized and you just rant about the first 10 or so minutes of the game im willing to bet that you havent actually played a pokemon game and just watched a video to get material to yell about

You don't know stuff about pokemon, god damn. Start researching before you start sperging, please.

um, no sweaty.... you dont know a single thing about this thread -_- green (B)utt w(H)ole

green (B)utt w(H)ole

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<OP thinks Pokemon are fugly
<OP likes furbies


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on topic: pokemon is good, a lot of people here think it's good. stop trying to shove your god damn opinions down everyone's throats, and go reconsider your life decisions, because you really need to.

take a break from the forums until you realize how much of a loving starfish you are.
a.k.a. leave forever, because you won't realize anytime soon.

did you even research this lol

there were 3 games launched on release not 2 retard

also, why do you loving roleplay partially in your spergs? it's so damn cringy that you are acting like pikachu is literally right next to you, when it's probably just a stuffed animal you attack out of anger, before crying into your pillows.

damn i dont swear often zach is good at making people forgetng snap

I am going to address this.
Let me start off by saying that i personally like anything that nintendo makes or is involved with
i might be wrong but im pretty sure the pokemon series was made by game freak (same company behind drill dozer)
However, in 1995, a huge stuffstorm occured. An evil man known as satoshi tajiri, wanted to create the ultimate cashcow franchise that tried to pander to kids.
literally every game ever made is created with money in mind
nobody is going to spend like a year developing a game and just give it away for free, especially with a big business behind it. usually it's indie game developers who make games just for fun
then nintendo of america decided to give the idea a new name, little did they know that the half of the name they picked was being used by another franchise about a blue robot cat who helps a little boy
cough cough doraemon cough cough
stop sucking doraemon's richard already
pokemon's japanese name is "pocket monsters", which was eventually shortened to pokemon
similar to how digimon is short for "digital monsters". doraemon is just doraemon, i doubt it's a shortening of anything.
The concept of the game is loving bullstuff.

The main key feature of this game, revolves around these FUGLY creatures known as Pokemon, that you need to catch with these things called Pokeballs, and use them as a buddy to fight other ones.
i'm pretty sure the pokemon being ugly is just your perspective lol
if you're talking design wise, compare a pokemon like giratina, a uniquely shaped and colored character, for instance and compare it next to doraemon, which is just a shape ontop of another shape with a face drawn on, or kirby, which is a god damn sphere with a face. yes, there are simple designs (koffing, ditto, voltorb, gulpin), but there are some pretty damn good ones too.

pokemon's concept is pretty unique because i haven't seen an rpg similar to it that came before this. it means you can get different party members which are good for certain types of foes or to use certain abilities to access parts of the map ect. it also means you actually have to find the party members yourself instead of them being given to you when you reach a part of the game, like alot of rpgs do.
Speaking of which, theres this stupid loving section at the beginning of the game where a guy named Professor Oak
Lets you choose one as a starter. The problem is, is that theyre completely randomized every time you start a new file, and most of the time, theyre stuffty ones.
no they aren't?
the starters are squirtle, charmander, and bulbasaur. they aren't randomized.
if you're talking stat-wise, i'm pretty sure that only affects wild pokemon
Why would you do that to a kid? The designers here were loving starfishs!
the game isn't designed with anger in mind though lmao
games like silver surfer (nes) and cat mario are designed to be infuriating. if pokemon was designed to anger the player, it would be unfair and not as famous as it is today.
In 1997, the game got an anime series, which mind you, is loving WORSE THAN ATROCIOUS. It was literally exactly how not to make an anime for kids. The characters are annoying, the voices are even more ear piercing than bubsys voice in bubsy 3d, the animation is eye bleedingly ugly, and the plot of every episode has so many asspulls out of the loving ass.
you're just yelling at every single aspect of the show because you can. also i like to think of the show as a completely different subject than the games
the pokemon's voices are supposed to sound like that because they're animals. i remember hearing that they didn't want to give them the voice of their in-game cry, giving them voice actors, so it wouldn't be annoying.
Mind you, this was 1997, more than THIRTY loving YEARS after many other animes for kids, such as Doraemon, which were miles better.
who cares? shows like one piece and other "kid's anime" were made in a similar decade (i think im no weeb)
also stop sucking doraemon's richard god damn
Because of that, you'd think these people would get a goddamn clue on how to make a decent or good anime for kids, without it being a complete clusterforget, but no. They made a piece of stuffe and got away with getting praise for it. So you know what?[size=20 pt]forget THIS FRANCHISE.[/size]as a matter of fact, COME THE forget OVER HERE PIKACHU! IM GONNA SHOVE YOUR TAIL IN MY BLENDER YOU loving ELECTRIC roosterSUCKER!
it got praise because people liked it?? if the show was actually bad, pokemon itself wouldn't exist right now. it's not like they're brainwashing the masses to praise the franchise.
also pikachu isn't real. stop saying stuff like that it actually makes it hard to read your posts because im just wincing all the way through
P.s, thank trey parker and matt stone for creating the south park episode Chinpokomon.
chinpokomon is a reference to pokemon cards (a trending fad at the time), not the franchise as a whole

zach nobody cares if you like or dislike this show or that game or whatever. stop trying to force your opinion on everybody like some kind of japanese national socialist

did you even research this lol

there were 3 games launched on release not 2 retard

pokenmon purple vergin XD