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Brick Tessellation

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I have a lot of mods that need work but limited time this summer, so I'm letting the community decide what they want me to work on.

BLS2BLB - Converts small saves into bricks, like props. Haven't started it yet, but it's possible to do.
CRP2 - An advanced CityRPG gamemode, my longest developed mod
Pixel Events - A set of events that allows bricks to have dynamic screens and displays
Brick Tessellation - Adding tessellation to special bricks

bls2blb = making slopes save into 1 birck......

bricc tessellation = cool stuff to make even cooler stuff with the stuff that made the stuff cool which will make the coolest stuff cooler when its cool enough to be the coolest

I could've swore someone like Jes00 made bls2blb

I could've swore someone like Jes00 made bls2blb
If I remember someone did make a .bls to .blb converter, I don't know where to get it though, I remember seeing it somewhere but don't remember exactly.
Deja vu
Maybe this is what you're thinking of.
Conservative also made a BLS to Blender importer

pixel events sounds really neat, but in terms of use, brick tesselation will probably impact the most users