What kind of cars would you like to see more?

Service Vehicles (Buses, Work Trucks, Vans, Taxis, etc)
18 (18.4%)
5 (5.1%)
2 (2%)
2 (2%)
Pickup Trucks
2 (2%)
4 (4.1%)
2 (2%)
4 (4.1%)
6 (6.1%)
0 (0%)
3 (3.1%)
anything but a loving car please
50 (51%)

Total Members Voted: 98

Author Topic: Swifthyena's Vehicle Downloads  (Read 16820 times)

this is why you shouldn't do drugs kids
I dont!! Do drugs!

realistic playertype when (so it fits with this)
probably never because its going to go the way of rthro.

port v0002 bedroom as a static map

Have you tried boats before?

Have you tried boats before?
No but im considering it, as well as aircraft.

bump again, fixed the DL links. also i plan on updating the vehicles soon and releasing some more.

I finally got around to updating SOMETHING for once. I fixed the tire size on the Ford Crown Victoria and changed the handling.

Download: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/qasde/Vehicle_FordCrownVictoria.zip

Updates as of 7/31/2019
- 2006 Saturn ION released, the first vehicle released in over a year.
- 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan tire size fixed
- Handling update on Grand Caravan, F-350, and Lincoln Town Car
- Fixed Tire textures on Lincoln Town Car and Ford F-350

Expect more updates for the vehicles.

Soviet condos in usa cities

Why not

Soviet condos in usa cities

Why not
maybe i should have just ported some project buildings from gta 4 instead...

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