Author Topic: BLID 40565 - being a total loving retard  (Read 1025 times)


spamming discord with endless links to a random discord, joining servers and being a retard, also this


forget you beat me to it


non stop spamming blg with his discord chat

oh this was already stated nvm

I've barred( preventing them from connecting to glass ) them for a month.

Here are some past dramas of the user:
I Am A Vaper Lock (40565) and mesothelioma=JESUS (41321) | July 30, 2016
hhhhh.png (40565) WeAin'tClowninAround | October 09, 2016
Ephialates, BL_ID 40565 | February 14, 2015
J!NX and 000 - "Let's crash the server" 000's ID is 40565 and J1NX's ID is 30011 | October 11, 2013

They've been a toxic problem user for 5 years, and with that said; a month bar from glass probably isn't even enough of a punishment. I'll talk to higher up glass admins about making it permanent.

Also, shout out to easily( 210772 ) for reporting this directly to me <3

Here's a bonus of him spamming even more annoyingly:


This guy can't be more dumb lol - how else do we connect to servers especially if we had to manually connect?

[img ][/img]
ths guy
you missed a spot

ot: /support i guess