Author Topic: 1000 ways to die  (Read 3541 times)

22. pull the pin on a ruptured grenade
23. cut the artery in your leg
24. win a game of chicken on the road
25. swim in the ocean with a bloody nose
26. let a bbw sit on you

27. Touch the Ultimate Chimera

28. drink Anti-Freeze thinking it's mountain dew
29. drink 100 liters of beer
30. making a tower made out of landmines on top of each other
31. play polybius
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32. Dab on top of the Mt. Everest and lose your balance

.33 drop a toaster into a bathtub with you in it

.34 slip off a roof while work and fall to your death

35. rupture your intestine trying to force a fart

36. Clean the soot from your neighbor's chimney with your tongue

37. deepthroat a shotgun

39. eat death banana (of death)

40. blare earrape into your headphones at full volume until your eardrums explode

41. Impaled trying to poledance with a flagpole

43. necrobump a month old thread

44. lose control and start a fire