Author Topic: Marble It Up! - Baby's First Switch Game  (Read 5964 times)

also sorry im retarded but who are you to blockland ive never seen you before but your blockland id is 1
He devoured the Bedroom and gave us the Shadows and Shaders update, i'm pretty sure he also developed the 'oct tree' technology that Blockland uses, and he's probably helped develop several other updates

i like marbel blast gold :D

i like marbel blast gold :D

yeah and marble blast ultra was amazing on the 360, especially the online mode where you beat the stuff out of other players for gems

Blockland 2 is looking great.

Neat graphics.

nice stuff! shame i dont have a switch

this looks like a blast..... A Marble Blast....... He hH Eh HA

are you gonna remove maps and add better shaders in the next update

roll-playing game of the year for sure
this is pun of the loving year

when can we expect the Marble It Up! Forums, or the MIUF

That trailer ending though:"... Roll playing game of the year".
It looks good, not exactly what i would buy myself, but nevertheless i can see the appeal.
I hope it does well!