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Allow user submitted maps on this forum?

I have fond memories of playing Marble Blast Gold and whatever the sequel on that InstantAction site was called, so I'll definitely be picking this up once it comes to PC.

We are planning ports.
linux release when (i'm joking but please linux needs moar gaems)

I made a gif that expands on this topic.

So it's more tony hawk's pro skater than super monkey ball?

marbleblast my childhood

marbleblast my childhood

MYST my childhood

Sorry, left early on Monday to get home and submit a new build to Nintendo.

Also I did a blog post about some of the backstory behind the game:

When MIU Comes out will we get an SDK to make custom levels for a PC Port?

I'm glad you gave some insights on the shortcomings of Unity while also sticking with it to release!

Unity has shortcomings? 🤔
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wtf kompressor looks 20 years younger without a beard

this is really cool, def giving me marble blast vibes

I made a bad drawing in MS Paint of some kind of puzzle for MIU.

Jump kinda close to the black hole and you'll be hooked in orbit for a second. Being enough pull to swing you to the other side. The circles represent the strength of the orbit. Green being perfect and Red being too late for the marble to escape.

I do not know why I made this. I thought it was a good idea.

omg this is like that one marble game i had the demo for on the xbox 360 i think it was like marble blast or whatever