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Author Topic: pomp's pomps (Ch. 17: The Human Artifact User)  (Read 21288 times)

lemme pageloss that

I can at least reveal what the seven S-Ranks do or a lot of stuff won't make sense

Have been around for an exceedingly long time and have at least billionth-generation pomp durability, which means that they're almost impossible to destroy even without their powers


Control over all technology of any kind, able to manipulate it at a distance and create or destroy technological objects at will. His body is entirely robotic, which thanks to his ability allows him to regenerate it, expand it and change its shape at will. Inventor of the Dimension belt, a device which allows the user to control space and time, currently owned by the Barger. Prince and chief safety inspector of Pompplanet. Son of Mother Nature and Old Pomp, main enemy of Evil Nature, the Almost and the Heroic Pomp.


Control over natural parts of the universe, be they landscape, animals, plants, planets, stars, galaxies etc. Able to create and destroy any of these elements as she sees fit. Also able to manipulate dimensions of space and time. Also controls 'floweria', the illogical energy of cleanliness and counter-energy to filth. Queen of Pompplanet. Wife of Old Pomp, mother of Baby Tech and main enemy of BF and Artificial.


Control over energy and motion. Able to create and destroy any form of energy or energetic substance, such as plasma, light, fire, electricity etc. The last of an ancient species of Po known as 'Hyper Pomps', which are able to convert their own bodies into any form of energy and return to corporeal form at will. King of Pompplanet. Husband of Mother Nature and father of Baby Tech.


Absolute indestructibility and unparalleled strength. His Nibbono shell is made of 'bargerium', a special material which cannot be broken or damaged in any way. Able to convert anything he eats fully into energy, allowing him to perform absurd feats. The third fastest being in the universe with a top speed of 9e16 m/s. King of Nibbonoplanet. Main enemy of the Anti-Barger Alliance and uncountable others.


Control over knowledge, minds and magic. Able to manipulate illogical energies, shutting down the abilities of other recurring characters and countering their attacks. Able to control the minds of others, imparting knowledge, sanity and other traits, or ripping out their souls to stuff into jars. Chairwoman of the Pompplanet school. Main enemy of the three major crazy baby groups.


Control over filth of all kinds, and generates it in unlimited quantities. Able to corrupt and destroy anything, down to the genetic code of others or the fabric of the universe. Constantly surrounded by a large radius of filth which corrodes and destroys anything which gets close. Currently in the Waiting Room along with Fake Old Pomp and several others. Main enemy of the Evolver.


Control over fats. Able to instantly eat anything which touches him and convert it into fat. He can compress his body and shut off his own gravitational pull, and his current full size has a diameter exceeding that of the largest galaxies. In his compressed state, his fat is absurdly durable. He is not indestructible, but so massive that nothing except the Barger can so much as tickle him. Currently in the Waiting Room along with BF and several others. Main enemy of the Evolver.

is there a pomp that wears any hat he possibly finds

not really, though there is the Human Artifact User who tries to use any human artifact he can find

Behind the cute artstyle is a lurking evil

Why are you stealing xkcd’s designs? You’re reported

two most recent comics are legit quality entertainment. I would buy a coffee table book about pomps

two most recent comics are legit quality entertainment. I would buy a coffee table book about pomps
follow me on tapas!

what does this say i cant read it