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i will destroy any of you in this baby ass game


TGSebi - SW-5226-6665-5019 - Mario, Pac-Man

Iska - SW-6611-9052-1051 - Piranha Plant, Dark Samus, Pit, ROB

i don't play this game anymore
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I main DK, Lil mac and my boy pac man

update 3.0 trailer
joker and a bunch of other persona stuff as dlc, new stage builder, video editor, ability to download and share custom content (stages, miis, videos) via both in-game and smash world in the mobile app
thanks rotondo for the bump :^)
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carl Brutananadilewski for smash ultimate

update is now out
list of fighter adjustments
edit: people are already posting such amazing characters as dio, steve harvey, mesothelioma, sheen from jimmy neutron, dr phil, jesus, matt, sans undertale, etc. also someone literally uploaded a stage where a woman gets loveed. please help me for my sides are in orbit
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i'm having more fun than i expected with the stage builder, massive improvement from 4's. u can make terrain physics objects and make them bouncy this is amazing

oh hi its a new update
buffs, nerfs, weird labo vr mode, amiibos in battle arenas
you know the drill