Author Topic: Oldest game moment you remember/most nostalgic?  (Read 5973 times)

Oldest I remember;Blockland on my laptop prone to bluescreening.
it bluescreened and my parents thought the game was a virus.

Most nostalgic: probably beating Halo 3 Campaign with my brother. that or discovering some cool secrets in Tony Hawk's Underground.

For me, It's ROBLOX. I remember discovering a game called Downhill Derby and playing it for hours on end with all kinds of other players dressed up as the old zombie. (green skin, brown pants, etc.) I can remember some of the cars and the environment as well. It was a sunset down a blocky/rocky brown hill, which had a row of about 9 cars you could enter and would respawn at random intervals if they were destroyed or were abandoned. They were extremely fast and were unstable as hell. They seemed to accelerate at random intervals when entered by a player. (unlike the old roblox vehicles where you had to equip a empty tool named Drive or something like that and hit keys like H or X or Y to drive to where the mouse pointed)
You couldn't control the cars. You just got in, waited for them to drive down the hill, and see what happened. Sometimes you'd veer off and crash, or you'd get lucky and make it to the end and hit a ramp. I even still remember the logo on it. Black ramp, red and white stripes on the edges/sides, and a yellow biker helmet logo on it with a black visor on a red circle.
literally the loving same

I played a lot of Nickelodeon or licensed property games such as the Spongebob movie, Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies,Nicktoons Unite and Battle for Volcanoes Island and Over the Hedge (Really good beat’em up). In the Over the Hedge game, there was an awesome bumper golf cart game mode where the boundaries were invisible walls, and if you gained enough speed you would ride them. Jimmy Neutron was a pretty unique game where it had a crafting system that helped the player get new weapons and items, and instead of fighting them, you had to capture them in certain ways. I also forgot to mention Madagascar where there was a mini golf game mode you could play with your buddies.

jimmy neutron attack of the sodium chloruide

jimmy neutron attack of the sodium chloruide

lol they always come back

i was sad as forget when this shut down.
same here, I asked my dad for membership a year back and of course literally 5 minutes after the game shuts down he finally arrives with the loving card.

playing with this bad boy while eating my happy meal

playing with this bad boy while eating my happy meal

the forget why you have a carrot

playing infection on this map
if u know u know

halo combat evolved demo multiplayer on mac; resetting the server every time i died because i was a tiny child and a sore loser

I remember one time when I played multiplayer on Midnight Club 2's demo. Met a bunch of kind players on there and played a bit of CTF on Los Angeles. Man, those were the days.

I still have midnight club

playing some jimmy neutron game on the gba where you get teleported and shoot robots and slugs

Playing various DOS games on my brother's win98 computer, such as Ski/Skate or Die, Theme Park and Winter Challenge.

Also remember how epic this game looked, and the music was so memorable.

Countless hours spent on playing Elasto Mania, both in the track editor and multiplayer with my brothers.
Might be my first competitive gaming experience as you were always trying to perfect your gameplay and time.

My first encounter of an RPG, did not even understand what I was doing, but the game was loads of fun.