Author Topic: E3 2019 Megathread: Nintendo at 9AM PT  (Read 4467 times)

im so glad seth rogen is hosting this years e3 :)

anybody: dragons

"We, like you, love mobile games..."


edit 2:
"We are pioneers in downloadable content..."

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Apparently Todd's mic was still on at one point.

"I swear to God, Ed, if you bring him back, I'm walking. Back to my office. It's all forgeted"
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Lego Racers reference in the forza expansion got me SOLD

devolver tried really hard to be meta and do cringe/grossout for laughs but it didnt really come off as funny
idk how to feel about this one

where's the TESVI news

Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally getting localized to west after 7 loving years coming out Spring 2020
It's going to be available for Xbox One and Windows 10 but not for PS4 (probably because muh censorship)
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UploadVR show is in 20 minutes, see you then.

imagine having a technical problem in the middle of the trailer for "one of the most sold game in the world" (terraria) and skipping to the next 'game' without any info or release date

forget off pc gaming show