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minecraft 1.14 is a thing now, so i've decided to host a vanilla sever for y'all (i've played modded for too long aaa)
whitelist: post your mc username to get whitelisted
note: we will be using 1.14 pre-release 5 as the official 1.14 release has a severe bug where chunks are very slow to load properly (MC-149178). when version 1.14.1 is released, the server will be upgraded to that. if you are using the official mc launcher, follow this guide in order to install this version of the game. if you are using multimc, select "add instance", check "snapshots" in the list of filters, and select "1.14 pre-release 5". 1.14.1 has finally been released so this is no longer an issue
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o wats in dis update

edit: holy stuff theres a lot in this update
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sounds like a good time

i'm hoping this would be a friendly coop server?
although knowing the general BL community, everybody likes to click my half evented builds and break them >:C
probably going to end up with somebody having a bucket of water near my redstone

the server will be whitelisted, post your minecraft username to get on the whitelist
setting up the server right now, gonna host soon(tm)
edit: was informed of issues with chunk loading in the current version of the game (which i myself have experienced), probably going to hold off on hosting temporarily until issues are resolved.
see for details, a hotfix is in the works but there is no ETA
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although, hasn't that chunk loading bug always been around?
unsure if it was around in 1.7, but it definitely was in 1.11 and worse in 1.12/1.13

although, hasn't that chunk loading bug always been around?
unsure if it was around in 1.7, but it definitely was in 1.11 and worse in 1.12/1.13
it's definitely a new issue in 1.14. i've played earlier versions (including the 1.14 pre-release) and it was fine
edit (in response to below post): i've hosted minecraft servers using some hosting providers running linux and there weren't any issues compared to my windows servers, so i doubt that's the issue. something's probably weird on your end.
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perhaps it was only on some linux servers for some reason?
it happened constantly on bukkit/spigot/whatever i was testing with, as well as vanilla
but then it kind of went away after a few days

it had really strange issues, reloading the server would sometimes remove all of the non-rendering chunks, and they'd be different for different players, but relogging wouldn't fix them

username: Pixel__ (two underscores)

yeah i noticed that chunk rendering was extremely slow, i knew i wasn't the only one experiencing that

oh man, just loaded up singleplayer and it's so slow to load chunks, like it was in old multiplayer
also similar issues of chunks sometimes unrendering while on the edge of the screen

(i only opened my flat test world and it's struggling)

had a weird ass bug where i thought i dropped my pick. entire inventory full except 1 slot but i couldnt pick up anything. click it and my iron pick loving appears out of thin air
1.14 be like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm            retard