Author Topic: Valve announces new VR title "Half-Life: Alyx" TRAILER OUT TRAILER OUT  (Read 5225 times)

FF7 Remake also comes out in March, and the new Animal Crossing game comes out the same day as Doom Eternal (talk about tonal whiplash)

March is the month of classic video games (except Halo)

there is a picture of tiwtter that saids more half life games culd come out but i lost it

Supposedly it's just VR stuff and for making levels for Half Life: Alyx, so you still won't be able to make entire games/mods on Source 2 just yet
Fortunately, this is speculation. I doubt it'll be exclusive to VR. VR might be the future of gaming, but standard monitor games will be around for decades still.

too bad i dont have vr

VNN said on Twitter L4DVR is real and after alyx. I’d say it wouldn’t be too surprising. Would definitely be my #1 played vr game if it does come out.

jumped on from a hunter n 3d