Author Topic: animal crossing: new horizons (summer patch #2 july 30)  (Read 9391 times)

friend codes
me: SW-3859-8231-1214
weaver123: SW-7720-3670-3912
unimproved/hootaloo: SW-2256-3964-3503
mr lol: SW-7969-5076-8386
the young avenger: SW-1834-1811-7606
nonnel: SW-1881-9007-0034
failbros2: SW-3941-4690-8315
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pm me for friend code
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I dont play baby games

honestly looks like this will be the best AC game. I am really excited to play it

the same happened with spiders and scorpions in previous games

I dont play baby games
These aren't baby games. Animal Crossing is not a loving joke!

when can I break into other villagers houses and steal their stuff

my town's gonna be named Detroit for a reason

its only a good game if i can suffer from mental illness

No you don't you just pass out.

Pre-ordered today
add me

SW-2256-3964-3503 add hootaloo

i preordered a couple days ago
regarding friend codes ive decided to just add them to the op. feel free to post them if you plan on getting the game
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