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please forward all potential rallypack weapon ideas to me so i can make rallypack expansions

@cook 2018 swollow archive dl fixed


Take notes requestheads this is how you get your rallypack 50bmg revolver made

Revisiting the juggernaut armor

And to go with it here's a feature everyone asked for and will love unanimously:

bout freakin time...

quasi realistic NVGs experiment (selective ghosting)
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This makes my snake, the big snake.

gotta somehow make whatever selective ghosted environment you use for the goggles become additive to whatever the actual environment is, that way when someone used the goggles in broad daylight it's super loving bright

The problem here isn't creating environments based on other environments, it's that you can only really make an env so bright, this is with everything set to 0 1 0. You cannot increase R and B or real color from the environment will begin to leak back into the nvgs which is not desirable.

The main piece of tech I was trying to show off here is that, using selectiveghosting, we can make other lights in the environment brighter, which has the intended effect of making NVG relatively situational. We may be able to exploit this to make bright environments brighter based on some conditions, but you'd be contending with the 8 light limit

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protip I think you can mount lights to items but that light only works client sided to whoever is holding that item. meaning you could most likely mount a super bright light to the goggles (that only the player will see anyways) and settle for a darker environment

Image lights are host only rather than client side, the host can see all the lights but nobody else can. You also can't change the brightness it seems

Maybe a bot mounted to the player would work in this case
EDIT Actually I remember Zeblote telling me that objects mounted to the player are periodically scoped to it's client which is why my IR stuff never worked properly. Would probably have to use a loop. This is getting complicated
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