Author Topic: Rallypack Weapons [WIP]  (Read 74253 times)

bro if u have gold skin for the scar......... why arent you using it
first implementation of the hitboxes stuff im working on - shows how attacking certain areas of the helicopter does more damage

+ HUD to show which areas of the craft are more damaged. Will probably put some other stuff in this area too

jsyk when a helicopter is falling in the air the rotors will spin from the air rushing through them and it will not actually fall very fast, more than anything the entire helictoper will spin and lose balance, if the helicopter were to become unbalanced enough that it was going towards a vertical position it would plummet though

I do have some plans for autorotation

Vehicles are weird and move really slow anyway though, so there will have to be some trickery to get the effect right

Ever think about adding strictly transport helicopters? Or slingloading? Cause a working CH-47 that I can airlift vehicles with would be badass

wtf is that thing even for? is that based on a real life attachment?

He's never seen a Glop Slang (OINKMOD) (PeriscopeMod) (copeMod)

When sterling + ump + p90 :)

switching from damped to driven sine wave, horizontal recoil starts low and increases through the burst while vertical recoil decreases. this is closer to counter-strike and makes the bullet distribution more consistent through the burst

here is the before and after for the ak recoil pattern

Nobody is learning spray patterns for a 15 year old torque game. Get real Crook.

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