Author Topic: Rallypack Weapons [WIP]  (Read 39857 times)

Well can I at least have the money back?

Cool planes I guess uhhh anyway can U upload the airpod shotty already

Update delayed 1 week

nice screenshake, how did you do it? iirc i tried recoil explosions on players in vehicles before but it didnt work

Screenshake on bot vehicles just doesn't work flat out, but it works on regular wheeled/flying vehicles. But if you're moving fast you'll move away from the screenshake before it has the chance to take effect, so you have to use a bigger screenshake radius and then spawn it ahead of the player using their velocity

im the man who came up with all the best guns in this pack. yeah, you know, the bow? i invented the bow. impressed? you should be. putting that aside, i am here to present more.

Cyclic SMG

A slower firing SMG with a higher effective range.


HFR standing for High Fire Rate, this is an SMG that almost matches the fire rate of the MAC-10 with far more manageable recoil.

Ranger SMG

Based on the B&T APC9, this SMG packs a punch at far higher ranges than the others at the cost of fire rate and damage.

Chainsaw LMG

A growing problem among Rallypack users is the inability, or downright refusal to utilize the ADS system.
This weapon is the answer. An LMG that fires exclusively from the hip. With a higher fire rate, this gun is far less effective at range than others in its class.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Long range, tight choke, surprisingly low mag size.


You knew this was coming, didn't you Rally.



Payload Rifle

The blast rifle's younger brother. This 40lb mass of a rifle has everything you need to take out a van of Federales coming off of the highway in one shot, should you need it.

Anti-Tank Launcher

Utilizing a similar lock-on system as the Airburst Rifle, this fire-and-forget launcher has everything you could possibly want for cross-map spawnkills. Just don't use it indoors.
this one is called the stealth pistol (it is not a glock with the cartel optics weapon mod pack)
has been closely working with a known russian contact in order to close an arms deal for the growing android menace.

9x39mm Blackout Pistol SBR Smoke OPFOR

alls im saying is.. name your price rallamo

Imagine using MW models for references man issue if they got the models right instead of loving them up

... I have enough stuff rotting away in my blender folder.
I like to think of it more as your models aging like a fine wine

black ops commando would be pretty swag

good work on the pack so far, like the Long list of guns that is above

tell you what, you get 3 more days