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New update
There have been many, many changes so I might not get all of them, I'll name the biggest ones.
- Ammo system has been changed around a lot, it should be more stable now
- Rocket launchers and grenades. The grenadier rifles have also been updated.
- Sniper optics updated, now with rangefinders and mildots. No, I did not use complicated math to get them perfect, but they are fairly accurate.
- Bullet entry, most guns can shoot through a certain amount of brick depending on the power of their projectile. Due to the way Blockland works this requires making new projectiles when a bullet passes through something and this can occasionally cause ghosting lag. This is an experimental feature that makes use of recursion so don't be surprised if shooting at some crazy weird brick crashes your game.
- New weapon sounds making use of loops, most of them have been taken from Escape from Tarkov
- Picking up ammo from an ammo resupply item will now also refill the current ammo loaded in your guns, so you don't have to resupply twice to get to full ammo. In order to find ammo types 'hidden' in ADS images (i.e. grenadier rifle) it has to loop through ADS images in your inventory, so if you come across a poorly set up weapon your game may explode.
- Reload timers that show how long you have left until you are done reloading
- Several changes/tweaks to models. Holographic optic reticles are now transparent
- Guns now tilt in ADS
- Fixed Riot Shotgun slugs among other things
- Magnum now has some quirky features like spinning (press numpad keys to spin) and roulette (press CTRL-K with one bullet left)
- New weapons:
  • Marksman Rifle has been renamed to Precision Rifle
  • A SCAR-H has replaced the original Marksman Rifle
  • a new FAL has been made to take the slot of precision rifle OPFOR
  • Both marksman rifles are automatic weapons with fast projectiles
  • OPFOR variants for Burst Rifles
  • OPFOR variant for Prototype Rifle (an94)
Rallypack Extra
The new ammo system means that add-ons can be added to the pack without having to be directly integrated, they are found and loaded in automatically when the server starts. This system is experimental. Adding new ammo types requires a game restart. I have split the weapon pack - some weapons are now in a separate file. This is where I will be putting weapons that I found interesting enough to be made but are not integral to the pack as a whole. New weapons in the extra pack:
- Militia Rifle: Semi automatic assault rifle
- Assault Rifle Heavy: AR-15.50, semi-automatic, huge recoil and big damage
- SBRs, SOPMOD battle rifle, the 92fs pistols have been moved to the extra pack

For developers:
- weapon_assaultRifle.cs has been thoroughly commented explaining what everything does and why it's there and how it can help you when making guns for this pack

Current prefs:
Enable/disables the FOV reminder on spawn
$Pref::RallyPack::EnableFOVSpawnMessage = true;

Enable/disable bullet entry. If you are getting constant ghosting lag it might be this
$Pref::RallyPack::EnableBulletentry = true;

Explosion settings
$Pref::RallyPack::ExplosionRadiusScalar = 1;
$Pref::RallyPack::ExplosionDamageScalar = 1;

Enable the reload timers
$Pref::RallyPack::EnableReloadTimer = true;

How much the gun tilts in ADS
$Pref::RallyPack::ADSRollVector = "0 -20 0";
$Pref::RallyPack::BipodADSRollVector = "0 -5 0";

Enable/disables reserve/magazine ammo
$Pref::RallyPack::EnableAmmo = true;

This build is highly experimental, there will be bugs and design flaws.
Download Rallypack Base
(fixed magnum crash 9/28/20)

Download Rallypack Extra
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Also I have deleted all the guns from the pack and replaced them with the Glop Gun

Also I have deleted all the guns from the pack and replaced them with the Glop Gun
thank God

Aim down sights

Quirky gun flip

Hotfix for bot-related crash

Fixed some incorrect logic that created magazine SO's for bots that never use them, and added a further sanity check to prevent the crash entirely. Something to do with Blockland not creating a simset when I ask it too, but this only occurs online

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That moment when you need to download 3 clients and click through 15 webpages to download a block land addon
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