Should the Drifting Supra's be Right-Hand-Drive? (Steering wheel on PASSENGER side of car)

Yay! European Integration
Nay! Keep it all to one side.

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I got a surprise for you guys, my Personal Drift Trike (Shameless YouTube video plug) is now playable in the upcoming 1.5 update for the pack! You will find it under "Drift Trike - Author".

It has similar handling to the default Drift Trike, but it is quicker, and accelerates harder. Here are some alias pictures for a comparison. It has a stage 1 Predator 212cc engine equipped with a Honda GSX200 Electric Start Kit, and can reach up to speeds of 31 MPH IRL.

And yes, I just realized I forgot the chainguard....

Additionally, the Turbo Drift trike got some model touchups, including a revamped engine model (similar to the new trike), and more identical features equipped from the CarsandCameras Drift Trike: Including an alternator, battery relocation, and turbo installment adjustments.

Upon Blockland Glass approval, the update is yours. Cheers!

While on the topic of powersports.....

SURPRISE! A new Go-Kart pack for you guys to Enjoy!

I apologize sincerely for my absence; this last month at work has not been the best, and I have had interests in other things outside of this hobby. Now that my last college year is starting in late August, things are going to continue to be hectic. However, because I am additionally choosing to commute this year, there is a chance that I can still be active here.

Luc in the BCC discord today brought up a good point on details inside v.s. out, and to be honest, I question my ways back then...

That being said, I will be working on in the near future on remastering my old stuff (just like I did with the Vortex). Let's be honest, a lot of my crap needs help...

Additionally, if you have any suggestions/requests in improving the addon, now is your time to do so!

Finally, a rework starting with a basic shell

I wonder what it could be?

Perhaps this might give it away now...

Yep uh...I think it's obvious?
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More progress! We have a (mostly polished) exterior!

For the first time I am trying out Blender 2.83 for the modeling (There's an Importer/Exporter on the BCC Discord). I am also experimenting with a new "Stencil" technique inspired by Automation: The Car Company Tycoon, and the mechanic of applying fixtures to the bodyshell.

I am making use of a basic model of the car at first, then using the "Boolean" modifier to make precision details. This tactic has been applied for the headlights, taillights, and front bumper trim pieces.

You first start out with a template that mimics the feature.

Then apply the modifier to the target object (that being the car shell), and select the template to differ or be in union with the shell (Whichever works best)

Hide or delete the stencil, and you'll end up with this in edit mode.

Then after some fine tuning, the end result should look something like this!

vehicle makers never cease to astound me in how they manage to get the geometry just right, gj

From thick and simple to smol and sleek, she made it into the game!

vehicle makers never cease to astound me in how they manage to get the geometry just right, gj
And I couldn't have agreed more with this.

The blank interior is only temporary; I wanted to get the sunocigaretteun in the game cause I was really excited.

And of course...

Just like the Vortex, we need a badge, CVS, and some variants. I'm thinking 3, if not 4 total--one of them will actually be a surprise.

The Accord is now with the Nakata Branch, and is now known as the Aseed!

I also added some fine details to the Aseed: Headlight outlines, flat trunks, missing lights, and not to mention, some minimalist CVS parts!

This car is rather tricky and does not offer a lot of inspiration online at the moment; if anyone does anything they put oversized rims on them.

So for now I'll just have to "improvise", starting with this "Sport" kit. There are category options to make the bumper trim colorable with the body, and like the Vortex, spliters that are separate from the bumper itself. The front wing mirrors are also experimental...

Respectively from left to right: Fin, Slim and Vortex

Alternatively, here are a current list of parts

Code: [Select]

Body Default 2
Body Alternative 2

Front Default 4
Front Color 4

Back Default 3
Back Color 3
Back Sport 3

Side Default 1
Side Sport 1

Splitter Default -1
Splitter Fin 1

Hood Default 1

Roof Default 1
Roof Rack 2

Mirrors Default 1
Mirrors Color 2
Mirrors Datsun 2

Spoiler Default -1
Spoiler Fin 1
Spoiler Slim 1
Spoiler Vortex 1

Decal Default -1

Exhaust Default -1

While commuting to campus, CVS has arrived for the Reaper!

First off is the infamous "Ridox" edition.

Then a simple "Sport" set of parts. Rear spoiler is called "Vortex", and the side skirts have more curve/ducting.

If you really want to go "simple", then you can choose to have a "Slim" side skirt, and no spoiler for the business commute!

Splitters are separate from the front bumpers, and recolorable (Yes I am aware of the visual clipping on Ridox)

Also, I'm thinking 5 variants: 2 of them will additionally be drift slinging varaints of a normal (this one shown) and a widebody trim. The 5th one is a surprise.

However, should the Drift iterations be right-hand-driven? Vote in the poll.

Small update, DTS Exporter "broke" with a Blender 2.8 bug itself, and progress has been on pause. I'm waiting on a hot-fix before I continue on the Supra, but I will stick to the honor of keeping it left-hand-driven (American Integration). There was a tie here on the forums, and apparently the idea of editing polls has been removed, but there were 3 votes additionally casted on the BCC discord that help settle the deal.

Before the exporter broke, I had almost finalized 1 out of the 5 variants of the Supra, and I am close to starting the wide-body variant.

Also, surgery is in progress for the Aseed before final release. I need to rework the wheelbase and some of the proportions of the model. We are in 2.7 for this.

Decided to port back to 2.7 until the hotfix is out. The first Supra Variant is "Done".

"Fury" body kit, including Front and Rear Bumper, Skirt, Splitter, Hood, Spoiler, and New items: Decal and Exhaust

I decided to make "Hachi" the badge for Toyota and these Japanese cars.

The interior was given simple cutouts, and I like it as minimalist it is.

Exhausts from Left-to-Right: Default, Duel, Fury, Fury Duel.

Decals from Left and Around: Fury, Sport, Stripe, Tokyo

the decals are absolutely killer

gl with school n stuff

the decals are absolutely killer

gl with school n stuff
Thanks for the bump; I was thinking about doing it soon either way, haha.

Being my Senior year in college, we're halfway through the fall semester, but things are ramping up...that's why it's been so quiet.

Hope to post something in the near future..