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NightHawk’s Development Topic

Hey…it has been a year since I have not posted, and I think it is safe to say that I am coming out of “retirement”.

To clarify of my absence, at the beginning of 2019, I silently left and took a break from the community to focus more on my college work. Fast forward now to 2020, I have completed my third year in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The workload there is very intense, and I had to prioritize that over anything else first. Now being out for the summer, and while soon working full time 40 hours/week, I think I will be able to squeeze in working on content again. My main field for this “reborn hobby” will be to work with decals, weaponry, sounds, and as highly requested: Vehicles.

My Mission/Goals
Being the new year, and since many things have changed, I would love to come clean and start afresh. I might be a little rusty first getting back to the swing of understanding Blockland’s mechanics, but my modeling skills have improved in the past since, and I believe I can do better. Starting fresh clears up many things for my projects, and should provide you with a new experience. You can still download the older versions of the cars below, but when I am ready to release, they will be updated accordingly.

Speaking of which, when it comes to progress content, I will be working at my own pace. Please understand that I will not be dedicating full-time to working on these cars given that I have a life outside of content-making. If I have any progress to show, I will post accordingly in this forum. I am open to communal feedback and suggestions for my projects, but may not take requests at this time [still feel free, but be prepared to have it exchanged for nothing].

Given Blockland Glass’s integration for releasing Beta mods, I will provide betas for my content potentially when the time comes depending on the mod’s current state.
When the mod is complete and at “Version 1”, I will be posting them in the Addon’s category of the Blockland Forums, I do not want to commit managing all of my content there at once.

Current Projects

Nakata Aseed - 1985 Honda Accord

Recently acquired CVS, will it be released soon? Maybe?

Toyota "Reaper" Supra V2

Just Exported into Game! Needs a badge, CVS, and some Variants.

Additionally, a list for what cars I will be planning to revamp with a new model:
  • Dalton Avenger (model touchups)
  • Challenger (I surprisingly redid these recently and I’m going to stick with them)
  • Hiro (Nissan 240) [Model Touchups]
  • Raptor (1st Gen Ford SVT Raptor, 4x4 to be reconstructed)

Other Family cars pack vehicles are still considered:
  • 1999 Ford F150
  • 2000 Jeep Gran Cherokee "Laredo"
  • 2020 Subaru Outback *NEW
  • 2005 Dodge Ram
  • Jeep Renegade (First Gen)

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!
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Released Content

Before you download ANY of these addons, make sure you have the following required addons. Without them, they will NOT work in game properly.

Blockland Glass: Download
Blockland Glass is a mod managing system which helps you keep my Addons up to date.

Custom Vehicle Support: Download
Developed by Filipe1020, this mod lets you customize my vehicles while you aim at them and type "/garage". Without this, the cars will look like a generic clustertruck.

Dalton Suburb
Dalton Avenger
Drift Trike
Manco American Express
Nakajima Vortex
Vortex (V2.5)

Lasertag Weapon Arsenal
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Welcome back man! Glad to see you're back in the game.

Okay, let's get this ball rolling. I've been working on this model all day afternoon yesterday and this morning--trying to recall how I used to do things.
Two things in mind, I want to follow the modeling method of "KISSTAC" (Keep It Simple Stupid Then Add Complexity). Also, I'm trying to have as less curvature as possible.

Subaru Impreza 2020(View in 3D

After taking a trip down memory lane, too, I'm only planning to tweak these two as needed. I want to re-structure how the brakes work so they can work with the turn signals via node manipulation (Like the Avenger and Suburbs)

Finally, recall my 99 F-150 for the family cars pack.

Bad ass model but when could I drive it

Bad ass model but when could I drive it
Hopefully soon, my friend.

I made some adjustments, and after starting to get the swing of things...I'm quite pleased:

Note the undercarraige detail, also interior with elements inspired by the 2020 Hydric by Filipe

All elements of light work courtesy of Teneksi's scripts

*CVS Parts to be added prior to initial release*

CVS Parts Integrated! Starting with the "default" parts, showcasing that you can indeed, color your trunks.

Moving forth with the STI parts, and the "Whale" spoiler

I also added some gauge cluster

There's no way to showcase these in their own trim, but a "Race" skirt was added, and the rally spoiler in the back.

Additional spoilers: [Left to Right] None, Race, Slim

You can also add splitters that are colorable and separate from the front bumper

If you think this mod could not have gotten more sillier, why not have some modular exhaust parts. (Factory, Dual Factory, Cherry Single, Cherry Double). The blue in the Cherry bombs are coloarble:

If you think additionally it could not get any better, oh boy you'd be wrong. A Widebody variant has been introduced!

STI Parts by default, but you can also incorporate these aftermarket "Hawkeye" parts. Only Cherrybomb exhausts (Single and Dual) on this variant.

I think they're just about ready to go! Who wants them?

Each variant has Decals: Rally, Pinstripe, and Fury, and the Widebody exclusively has the option to equip a Motorsport roll-cage! All new parts mentioned are colorable.

Also designed a badge and engraved the name of the car on the rear. What do you think?

I just need to develop some CVS icons for them and I'm ready for release if you guys are!

CVS Icons created! Releasing very soon!
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I can already hear the backfires just looking at this car

Lasertag [again] anyone? I have whipped up some quick-and-easy models below. Click the banners to view their models.

Each weapon has 5 colors for 5 teams: White, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow (as demonstrated above). Pieces of the weapon glow in the dark.
What's wonderful about this too, is that they all use the same shape file, and can be colorshifted to make more colors as desired.

I can release these very soon, too.
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Sorry for the crickets, I have started working full-time 4 days/40 hours a week. I'm going to plan on releasing the Lasertag Weaponary hopefully tomorrow, though!

Lasertag Aresenal released!
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Sorry for the presence of tumbleweeds, but during my spare time, I have been working on this Honda Accord! A very simple, cubic, and "cute" 1985 iteration. In game it's currently called "Accord '85", and is also front-wheel drive.

I'm thinking of putting it with Filipe's Nakata branch, and I am open to name suggestions (contemplating calling it the Hydric Classic).

Functioning lights included; the front blinkers act like running lights only.

1985 Honda Accord(View in 3D
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