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the weak should fear the volvo

the weak should fear the volvo
I think YOU might be the one that needs to fear.

Thank you everyone for the prayers; I have been feeling much better to announce the first Swedish wagon coming to Blockland

The Polus Estate

It is based off of the late 90's Volvo V850 Estate Wagon. I really wanted to do the V70, but since they look almost identical, and I cannot find working vector drawings, this will have to do.

This variant is AWD and even includes room for the whole family of noobs!

make it slightly more square and a drift varient then a flying one

Downstairs where I sleep unfortunately flooded right at the same time it normally does this year, and I am still in pain on and off, but I do have an update to show:

I gave the Estate CVS template parts for color combinations, and a new grill and inset headlamps. I will be doing the same to the Aseed shortly.
There is temporary placeholder categories for a spoiler and a "Rack" option, where you can equip various things on the roof rack of the wagon.

I did some more research, and it turns out the v850 is actually the successor to the V70 Estate Wagon...so I don't feel as bad since they're almost identical, however, since there is an 850 Sedan...

I literally took the wagon's model and perform surgery to convert it to a sedan! It has the same properties as the wagon, ALTHOUGH, it is FWD.

Last but not least, for the first time in my development history: POLICE VARIANTS.

For both Sedan and Estate, they are faster than the default variants, and the liveries are interchangeable via CVS. You can press shift-brick-toward (Numpad2) to toggle the sirens on and off. As far as Drift Variant goes, I will not be doing them separately--as a compromise, I tweaked the handling so that you can do a "power slide" around corners (I'll get some footage here in the near future), and made the suspension softer like a Cadillac. To put in visual terms, picture handling similar to Driver 2, if not Driver: San Francisco--without yanking the handbrake.

Lastly, some more news: I messed up.
If you happened to notice with my 2020 releases, the Vortex is the only car that features hazard turn signals, whereas my other recent releases only feature left-and-right turn signals only.

The light script I used for the newer releases is apparently OLDER than the one used on the Vortex, and it is more optimized.
Because of that...

I will be working on fixing the past releases with this newer system.

Just submitted an update on Blockland Glass and soon on BL Online (down for maintenance?). These three should be updated as soon as possible with being able to use hazard lights now!

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Bump, time for a small update.

I have still to add the parts I was talking about to the Estate because I have still been having problems with my shoulders, elbows, and wrists mentioned earlier. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been to the doctors to confirm I have "mild" carpel tunnel, and overstrain/overworked muscles in my shoulders (from physical activity back in October, 2020). I just got labwork/bloodwork done since this issue is still present. Hopefully I will know some answers this week. Right now, it is slowly getting better, but despite this, I still need time to take care of myself (hence the inactivity here). I also return back to school this week, so expect the pace to not be rapid as it was in the past.

Aside that health update, I discovered in Blender 2.7 you can export UV layouts, which helped clean up the texturing of the police variants. I added a couple of new details here and there additionally.

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