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Author Topic: NightHawk's Development Log - American Speedsters Released!  (Read 14618 times)

Been really busy with life around here, however, the Aseed really needs some help now.

Corolla or not, it will be based around the 1989 Honda Accord CB. Because screw it; they're all the same

And as briefly attempted, a wagon variant will come with version 2!

I still have to implement CVS into these cars, but then the version 2 update will be released afterwords!

Done! The release is ready to go and uploaded!

If you have Blockland Glass or Blockland Online, the updates should come appropriately! Enjoy!

You are a godsend nighthawk

CVS finally introduced after slacking for almost a month on the Suburban! Just basic categories (with more parts to come in the near future)

I'll let the pictures do the talking, and enjoy the update!

CVS icons will be implemented later when all parts and variants have been finalized!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that between updates, and changing the zip folder from Vehicle_FCPSuburbs to Vehicle_Suburb, this addon stopped working properly. Support_Updater doesn't account for zip name changes and it has been broken.

I have deleted the old version and got a new addon page on Glass and Blockland Online. If you can do me a favor and re-download using the links below, it should fix it:

Download from Blockland Glass
Download from Blockland Online
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You guys remember that old Griffin model I did for the TVR Griffith 500?

No? Probably for the better....

Thanks to a Gran Truismo 6 model import, I was able to recreate my dream car in a remastered form!

It will still be called the Griffin, badge design and named to be determined.

I made some model proportion updates to the Griffin,

And also posted a Suburb CVS update!
New CVS Parts:

Front: Offroad, Crashbar
Back: Tire, Bikes
Rack: Equip, Basket, Cargo, Work
Side: Running Boards
Body, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors

Increased Ride Height
Steering wheel model adjustments

Special credits to Filipe for the bikes as they are featured on the Bronx Wagon.
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American Speedster is back in development, and this time they are much simpler than ever!

Re-introducing the Sidekick, Baja, and Speeder pedal cars!

For newer users, this project was developed based on building my own Sidekick with my Dad over 9 years ago from American Speedster, it has evolved over the years with creativity and new conceptual designs, and I still do not regret making it.

Each PVC-frame design here uses nurbs paths from Blender converted into a mesh, to help outline the main features of the body. I've removed the extra extrusions for the fittings so it's all unibody.

So starting off with the Sidekick, the brute of them all.

Next up is the Baja, meant for younger riders 150lbs and under, but the Blockhead fits rather nicely.

Comparing sizes to the Sidekick, pretty sure I nailed the proportions.

Lastly made from a plastic burn barrel, the Speeder! All the toddlers love scooting and pedaling with these soapbox carts, and now can you!

Wheel guards, and lightbulbs included!

Minimal CVS parts are currently integrated, and more are to follow shortly. I do not plan to add Engine Sounds since these are currently pedal-powered.

I still have 3 more karts to model: The Sidekick II, Zephyer, and Suncoaster, and then this will be yours!

cute but looks scarily flimsy

The Zephyr has made it's debut!

Featuring a mechanical brake lever!

Imported some goodies from the Speeder, as well...

Oh yea, the Speeder can have these now

The red and teal are colorable on the flags 😉
4 down, 2 to go

Also, I have failed to mention this in the last blog, but did you know that the pedals ANIMATE? This was delaying V1's release way long ago, but thanks to learning about these features from the Lil' Rascal and others in the past, it is now possible!

Only works with forwarding motion, however, but you can Flinstone in reverse...right?