Author Topic: I turn 21 next week, what brands and types of drinks should i get [now 21]  (Read 2493 times)

Excluding beer, and you younglings.
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water. alcohol got too many calories and stuff

Diet water. forget regular water.

1800 silver tequila w/ sprite

that stuff is amazing

White Russians are my personal favorite.

Im Sorry did not read your post
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Anyone try tito's vodka?

Anyone try tito's vodka?
is this a serious question

is this a serious question
take it easy on me, im a child

if your turning 21 forget all the fancy drinks. your a budget built man. jungle juice is great for keeping a large quantity available and if you hit the sweet spot in the ratio of vodka to juice you can rip and pip all game throughout the night. be conservative on the vodka side, pour and taste to your liking. make jell-o shots too. abv vary wildly but you want to be generous on the vodka this time. the jello part makes it where the drink doesn’t coat your whole mouth so you can slurp it all in one go one after the other. in large quantities those two beverages were my key players in a townhouse served in north rva resulting in the floor collapsing

I am a huge advocate for beer, but if you insist I'll tell you that you cannot go wrong with vodka. You can mix that stuff with anything on earth and you will just be anything with a kick.

My favorite liquors for the taste of the liquor are tequila and white (unspiced) rum though. I'm not a big dark liquor guy.

If you like black liquorice, go for Absinthe.
Don't just get any Absinthe, but look for a highly rated one with approx. 68-70% of Alcohol, you really don't want anything too cheap.

I personally really like Akveld's Absinthe Vert (€30), have a Google and see if you can find it nearby. If not, shoot me a message, I can get a bottle for very cheap due to living close to the distillery.

Learn how to serve and drink it (no fire), and I can guarantee you'll fall in love

pour crown royal into a glass until it overfills