Author Topic: things you regret doing on blockland  (Read 12336 times)

i regret genuinely playing family rp loving years back

forget family rp's, love rp's were where the real degenerates went

Not enjoying Blockland to the fullest. Childish tendencies got the best of me and I blew off a whole ton of fun servers that I wish, absolutely wish I could get a few more hours on. Heedicalking's TDMs, Jorgur's Dogfight, amongst other great servers. Building as well- I couldn't build for stuff. Now its too late to make something impactful. Taking all this stuff for granted LOL

i have none. I thoroughly enjoyed this game throughout the years that I played. Of course there was drama and various other issues, but I had fun. Doing freebuilds, mini-empires, dogfights and deathmatches, rocket jump challenges. It was a good time and if I could, I would relive it again simply because of how much simpler times were and how fun the game was.

By far the most fun I had was on three specific servers. Playing and administrating Zombies in the Bluzone, playing on Jorgur's dogfight, and doing all sorts of wacky build collabs on Disconnected's freebuild.

my only regrets were being such a retard in my early forum years rly, that and not saving certain servers i used to play on