Author Topic: [V2.0.0](Vehicle) Hachi Reaper - The Supra Remastered! (Now on Glass)  (Read 211 times)

It's finally here! The Hachi Reaper is something I had released in the past from the former "NHM Brand". It was not intentional to release this update 5 years today when it was first released, but in 2020, it's time to give it an update. One of the key things being a fresh new look!

The two original and drifting variants are here, known as "Reaper '95" and "Reaper '95 D", respectively. However update 2.0.0 adds THREE new variants!


  • All three variants utilize shift-brick car controls. Use the shift brick left and right keys to toggle left and right turn signals, respectively!
  • Brakelights and reverse lights
  • Functioning lights, use your light key to cycle through Daytime and Running Lights!
  • Yes, the 84' Reaper's Popup lights do Popup
  • Completely revamped and MORE parts for CVS!
  • Multiple part categories INCLUDING: Body, Front, Back, Side, Splitter, Lights, Decals, Exhaust, Trunks, Spoilers, Hoods, and MORE!

Blockland Glass: Download
Blockland Glass is a mod managing system which helps you keep my Addons up to date.

Custom Vehicle Support: Download
Developed by Filipe1020, this mod lets you customize my vehicles while you aim at them and type "/garage". Without this, the cars will look like a generic clustertruck with overlapping meshes.



And as always, be sure to keep up to date with what I am doing by checking out my development log! Cheers!
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