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Even if this is considered pirating, this is of such epic proportions that I'm sure Badspot himself is playing it right now.
Besides, there are news of EA already releasing it because over 10 thousand people already pirated it.

its a free demo anyway they lose nothing. if anything, its an advantage for them as its creating hype.

I found a little secret. When selecting to load or create a creature, go in between the two buttons and you can go and spin a galaxy, spin it fast enough and a mans head pops up and spins and disappears.

It's Will Wight's head! :o
btw, spacebar makes the creature jump and you can move him with the arrow keys.

This is surprisingly fun, can't wait until the complete spore comes out. One thing that bothers me though; do none of the creatures have fur? Dlock.

Im hopeing full version will have fur, then thats going to suck if not

btw, downloading demo NAO

edit: omg, im at my beach house with crap internet, its ETA is 2 hours and going up..... dam, im going to have to wait until tomorrow
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Hurr, I have good internet and it took me 2 hours

i have comcast at home, should take me less then 2 but wireless/not my internet/huge file now adds up to 3 hours, which i feel like cancling till monday

6 minutes on torrent.
went up to 450k a second

Ok, I love this but I have been having problems. After I save and exit, it says I have 6 creations, but it only shows 4. I tried going to all creations and it still didn't work.

Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your postomg, you guys are killing me with those high speeds compared to my stuff beachhouse

took me 8 minutes with a torrent, started at 200k went up to 400k near the end

Checked the specs, my comp cannot run it :(

Also, Rule #1
First off it's impossible for your computer to not be able to run it considering mine can just fine. Second off it's not pirating if it's freeware you dumbass.

I read the specs, my card is not a 128MB Graphics card and it does not support Pixel Shader 2.0. Plus, I got horrid internet and it would take a couple of hours to download.

And by rule #1 I meant ambigious topic title which has now been fixed.