Author Topic: SPORE FREE DEMO EARLY RELEASE  (Read 8096 times)

Thanks.  I can't resist any longer I have to get.

i was cuting my wrist for a second when i thought Maxis haunted down all those free downloads and closed them cause the first to links fail

My bad.
I assumed it was working.

Has it taken a long time for everyone?  I am only at 32% :/

Took me about 5 minutes

It ays like 19 minutes more for me.  I am about half way.

dam it, i have to redownload cause my dad turn off the dam laptop

k, i downloaded it but now when i play it looks like my monsters are dirty, il get a pic in a sec

haha your all so behind :3

full is out tomorow! yay! :D

They have not updated the OFFICIAL website.