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Kunit's Bounty Mod

Common sense is a must if you want to make an edit to this so it work's with the V9 cash mod or Mr.Pickles cash mod.

What does it do?
  • Place bounties on players too and have players hunt Him or Her for money.

What is the point?
  • Well, you can place the bounty on the player for fun or too get revenge.

  • /Bountyhelp
  • /Bounty Victim_Name Amount
  • /Checkbounties
  • /Checkmoney

To edit the file so you gain cash from Mr.Pickles Or Mine
  • I will explain quick and easy you just need to be able too open the .cs that his cash mod is in. Ok first open it find what the cash variable is, Next open my Bounty script and press Ctrl-H and findwhat %client.Testmoneys and replacewith Variable~~~~~Now do the same with mine but replace %client.Testmoneys with %client.blockmoney

Pic~Of /checkbounties


  • Chrono~Somthing I forgot.
  • Dr Bling~Idea

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if only i could host a server :panda:

wow this looks cool dling now!

:D This will be fun!
Cookie for you! :cookie:

sounds great

thanks ! this is cool for RPGs and what not :P good job Kuint!

This looks awesome and I want to DL but I don't get a word of what you said up there so until that's fixed I guess I will have to miss it.  :panda:

I like it but my server broken it gets stuck at the connect to local host part plz help

Can everyone put bounties up? Or just the host, super admins, etc.

Hey look guys, more slash commands! lovingShocker!

I personally would've opted for a system that the more points a certain player has, the more points you get for killing him. Kind of an adaptive system.

But that's just me.