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please have some origami animals i sketched

4.5 hours in total from sketch to rig

this was a fun random weekend project

he sit

and then he prance

made a chao today (Cream's Chao)
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today i UV'd textured and shaded it, tomorrow is rigging day. pretty proud/really happy i can 'sketch' 3d characters now, or at least simple ones with primitive shapes. really doing my best to live up to the title of character artist, i really just want to be skilled at every step of producing characters for game and film

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qt af, lil chubby boi

God damn that's cool. I really like the way you've simplified the real life design into something that looks like a toy. Each segment, cut, and extrusion looks very deliberate, and that style is great for Blockland's stuffty graphics. I'd just edit some of the smaller details, like making the rivets bigger or removing some of them on the sides of the receiver, while giving the mag more detail. Overall great job.

Yeah the other side felt empty so I added a few rivets. I only used reference pics for the rear sights and also the rivets on the other side otherwise its from memory. I think that might be the reason the other side seems off. Also yeah the mag is just a block as I think thats the most annoying part to get to work with milkshape. And yes I can use blender, but I just think that I can stuff out models much easier with milkshape.
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nice model dude