Author Topic: Ban GreenBH from Mod. Discussion  (Read 2552 times)

I'm not sure if it's possible, but banning GreenBH from Modification Discussion would be great. All he does is post stuff other people have made or pretends he knows how to mod. Please prevent him from spamming this section because GreenBH knows NOTHING about making add-ons and his access to Modification Discussion does not help anyone.

Noedite: One quick stroll through that board gave me examples. Yes, he should be barred.

Credit to DarkStar for making these.

Credit to WRB852 for making these.

Dalek made some Power Miners weapons!

Those are all topics he made that are on the first page. Don't get me started on all his replys to topics...

He only gives credit when someone requests him to add it.

Though, unfortunately, I know these ban topic never work, I am really ticked off. If he would just take the time to read the description of the board, our problems would be over.

Haven't we been over this friend before?

Children like him like to pretend they're immune to hate.

He should have his topic starting permission removed. If not banned for being too stupid.

I'll bet he cuts himself while he reads these when nobody's looking.