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General Discussion / Where's RTB?
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:39:50 PM »
Sorry for being such a loving scrub by posting this, but it's been 5 years since I've played and a lot has changed. Specifically, I cannot find RTB downloads and their official site has been shut down. Can someone fill an old vet in on this issue? Any other general changes between 2009 and now would also be appreciated.

Suggestions & Requests / Need HL2 Rebel skins!
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:01:21 PM »
Haven't been on BL in so long and yet I plan on making a Machinima series. I need links to an old DL or to a new product of a Half Life 2 Rebel and Rebel medic skins for the chest. If applicable, I could use Combine Metrocop skins and face. Thanks.

P.S. Any HL2 weps would help too but they're not too necessary.

General Discussion / I was gone. Anything new happen?
« on: May 31, 2012, 02:54:38 PM »
Title says all. Fallout 3, Minecraft, and Garry's Mod stole my BL life away from me for a while. I've been checking in recently and I'm curious as to whats been happening lately while I was gone. I need to know:

-New popular clans?
-Any clans shut down?
-New general updates to BL?
-RTB updates?
-New popular add-ons or maps?

etc. etc...

Just need some holes filled in. Thanks for the help.

Off Topic / Need a picture cropped and rendered.
« on: April 13, 2012, 02:24:27 PM »
Title says it all. I suck horribly at computers and need the face on this picture cut out and rendered for my TF2 spray.

Whatever size works...

If you can help, please do so as I'd be very grateful.

Also, as of 3:23 PM 04/13/2012, this picture is copyright of EvDowg, Snuffles, or any other online/real world alias of mine. Additionally, this is not the exact date the picture was taken as I can't remember when that date was.

Help / Can't join a server?
« on: February 06, 2012, 05:35:09 PM »
So my buddy tries to connect to my server and when it's challenging to connect it gets instantly closed out and it says that the server can't verify his BLID or some stuff. The problem can't be my server because I've had other people connect successfully. If that doesn't make sense then idk what to say.

Any advice?

Games / Need help with Skyrim bug
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:16:29 PM »
In my Whiterun house, I put all my Daedric weps on the weapon rack. I come back one day and my entire armory is fine save the Ebony Blade which just dissapeared. If anybody can help me that'd be great but keep in mind I do not have access to the console as I use the Xbox 360.

Help / Forgot how to host a dedi
« on: January 04, 2012, 11:40:35 AM »
Title, nuff' said.

I remember there being some kind of .exe file or something that you would click and it would start running. Now I'm not sure if it has been removed or switched to another folder or whatever. Anybody?

Games / Making a Video (Pg 3! I need some help!)
« on: January 03, 2012, 12:22:23 PM »
So I'm planning on making a little "Let's Play" series or whatever on L4D2 and I was hoping to get some guys to play through all 5 campaigns with me. We'll start on the first and end at the last on ADVANCED difficulty with no mods. If you're interested, fill this out:

<apps closed>

Coach: bengrapevine
Ellis: Masterockets
Nick: Myself
Rochelle Bobsevensevens

Gallery / A computer
« on: January 03, 2012, 12:13:35 PM »
My application for [CB] Comblock. I am trying out for the Hardware section so I made an evented computer with two screens and stuff.


EDIT: This was filmed from my hotel apartment.

Off Topic / Most Addicting Song
« on: January 02, 2012, 07:57:52 PM »
Title say it all. Post the song(s) you listen to the most. Also, if you use iTunes, post your playcount.

Mine: Take Me Into The Beautiful - Cloverton Playcount: 114+

Yes, I did this because I was bored...

Clan Discussion / Blockland Task Force (BTF) (Inactive)
« on: December 31, 2011, 02:02:49 PM »

We are currently inactive. Please note this.

A long time ago, I was a clan-leader-in-training with my first clan, the ONI (I was a Halo nerd at the time). After that crappy naval clan died out, I tried again with the USAR (Now a COD nerd). After yet another failure, the NCR came out (Ok, final decision: Fallout nerd). Presently, this new clan with the help of many generous supporters and advisors, I am restarting for the fourth, and hopefully, last time. Also, check out this timeline I put together.:

03/13/10 - My first clan, ONI, is born.
05/02/10 - ONI was rebooted into the USAR.
04/13/11 - USAR got resurrected into the NCR.
12/18/11 - EvDowg begins working on the BTF.
12/31/11 - The BTF is done.

Below you will find out a bit about the two groups of the BTF.

NOTICE: You only need the clan tags on official clan servers.

If you like to build, apply as a builder. They are in charge of constructing most builds that you'll see on our servers. There's not much else to being a builder except that you'll get a few advantages on the server such as the ability to load a build. And to join, I'll need to see a build on a baseplate that consists of 500 bricks or more (Some exceptions can be made). And please, NO SPAM!

#1: Apprentice Builder (AB) Builds Required: (Application)
#2: Improving Builder (IB) Builds Required: 1
#3: Novice Builder (NB) Builds Required: 2
#4: Star Builder (SB) Builds Required: 4
#5: Pro Builder (PB) Builds Required: 6
#6: Awesome Builder (AB) Builds Required: 8
#7: Master Builder (MB) Builds Required: 10 Admin Unlocked

Pro Builder InGenius BLID: 24526
Pro Builder Joxus BLID: ????
Improving Builder EUROCHARGE BLID: ????
Improving Builder Operator BLID 9616

If you aren't a good builder, or simply don't use your skills to often, your second option is to become a soldier. With this, you can deathmatch and role-play 24/7. Also, a sample of what your training might become here (NOTE: This was the training video from the NCR so pretend the uniforms and loadouts are non-existent!).

A new update created by an old friend of mine (Planr), Skill Points is a new way to advance in rank and keep track of an individual's "skill". As a fighter, you can earn SP through a few ways via mini-games:

-Killing a player (DM) = 1SP
-Completing an objective (CTF, KotH, etc) = 3SP
-Using teamwork and/or strategy = 3SP
-Showing leadership skills = 5SP
-Giving Rotten Eggs coffee = -100SP

Between certain intervals, you will advance through the ranks of the clan (see below).

Enlisted Ranks
   #0: Recruit (REC)
   #1: Private (PVT) SP Required: 50
   #2: Private First Class (PFC) SP Required: 100
   #3: Corporal (CPL) SP Required: 150
   #4: Specialist (SPC) SP Required: 200
   #5: Sergeant (SGT) SP Required: 250
   #6: Staff Sergeant (SSGT) SP Required: 300
   #7: Sergeant First Class (SFC) SP Required: 350
   #8: Master Sergeant (MSGT) SP Required: 400
   #9: First Sergeant (1SGT) SP Required: 450
   #10: Sergeant Major (SGTM) SP Required: 500
Officer Ranks
   #11: Second Lieutenant (2LT) SP Required: 550
   #12: First Lieutenant (1LT) SP Required: 600
   #13: Captain (CPT) SP Required: 650
   #14: Major (MAJ) SP Required: 700
   #15: Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) SP Required: 750
   #16: Colonel (COL) SP Required: 800
   #17: Brigadier General (BG) SP Required: 850
   #18: Major General (MG) SP Required: 900
   #19: Lieutenant General (LTG) SP Required: 950
   #20: General (GEN) SP Required: 1000 Admin Unlocked!
   #21: General of the Army (GA) Super Admins only!

General of the Army EvDowg  BL ID: 13525 (President)
General Conan BL ID: 4928
General Rediac BL ID: 13591
Staff Sergeant Jakeonwind BL ID: 18945
Sergeant Rotten Eggs BL ID: 12454
Private First Class kiwi ninja BL ID: 14954
Private First Class Megeta BL ID: 22525
Private SirLancelot BL ID: 3824
Private D3ATHCAT BL ID: 17825
Private Chainbullet BL ID: 17035

If you'd like to ally with us, just send me a PM and I'll add you to the list.

{GBLD} (Global Blockland Defences) ACTIVE


Games / How do you install mods in Minecraft Multiplayer?
« on: December 09, 2011, 02:32:57 PM »
Ok, I get a mod and it works in singleplayer. I then go over to multiplayer, but when I craft the item and click the finished product it closes out my Minecraft. I was trying out the Revolver mod with ModLoader (both installed correctly) and when I tried using the ModLoaderMP for multiplayer I got the black screen of death upon logging in. I have searched Google and Youtube for hours but I can't find a way. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

NOTE: If having BOTH Modloaders installed at the same time screws it up, please tell me.

Games / EvDowg's 1.1 Minecraft Server
« on: December 04, 2011, 12:30:45 PM »

Rule #1: Do not grief (Steal items, break owned structures, etc.)
Rule #2: Ask before interfacing with another player's builds.
Rule #3: Mines are open to all, so don't claim "It's MY mine".
Rule #4: If you find an un-inhabited stronghold or village, notify an OP for instructions.
Rule #5: Do not ask for OP privs, console command, or "Creative mode".
Punishment: Disciplinary action in this order: Warning, 1hr IP ban, permanent IP ban.

Instructions to Join:
Step 1: Go here
Step 2: Click Unmanaged Mode (I scanned it. Virus free.)
Step 3: Open up Hamachi and register for an account.
Step 4: Click on the Network button.
Step 5: Click Join an existing network
Step 6: Network Name: Mr. Snuffles Password: cgc
Step 7: Keep Hamachi up and open Minecraft.
Step 8: Go to multiplayer and click on Direct Connect.
Step 9: Use the IP located in your Hamachi window.
Step 10: You've successfully joined my server. Read the rules and have fun!

Population: 10


SPREAD THE WORD! Copy/paste a link to this topic on bad/new clans!
EDIT: I would like to thank the lot of you who are helping with this ^^^

    After many years of seeing horrible topics plague the Clan Discussion board, I have decided to take action. I've seen other topics in this section of the glorious Blockland forums that are horrible and amazing. The latter of the two which should always be there. The other, needs to go away.
     My name is EvDowg BLID 13525, and I have had to put up with bad clans for the majority of my days spent on the forums. Not to mention the horrible 'clan meeting' servers I have randomely inspected. After other topics trying to stop this plague from happening have been pruned/locked, I have made it my duty to keep this one alive.

    This topic I have created will hopefully help any newcomers to Blockland create a decent clan rather than give it a try and bathe in a sea of trolls and flaming the minute after. I've provided some simple steps, ideas, and sources to contribute to my goal. Without further commentary, let's get started on the basics:

    Rule #1: Have a visual - A successful clan needs a basic structure and idea established. Whether it be building or Deathmatching, you need to at least know what you're aiming for. Look through a few other clans to see what we already have and try to think of a fresh idea that hasn't been made before.
     This means not copying another idea (We don't need 100 building clans). Try something unusual like a clan dedicated to a certain mini game (Zombies, Racing, etc).

     Rule #2: Get a layout - Clan topics cannot be taken seriously without a layout. A layout basically consists of what's in the topic. Be it a cool logo/picture and fancy lettering for each category; you need something that draws attention. Just plain enlarged text and default topic tools are NEVER a good idea. Look at some of these other awesome clans for ideas (But do not steal from them. At all!):

--Blockintosh (Building and Eventing)
--Flying Fish (Sports)
--krypt (Building, Eventing, and Scripting)
--GBLD (Army)
--Oceanco (Boat building)

NOTE: Please don't ask to have your clan added. We have enough examples.

     Rule #3: Accept constructive criticism - If you made a clan that is decent, and someone asks you to improve it [in a nice way], please do so. If you don't improve after people start pointing out obvious problems, hate comments will follow. Trust me, I've been there at least three times.

    Rule #4: Start advertising - Now that you've got your clan, you're going to need some members. You need to find a good way to tell the world about your clan and what you do. Try some of these steps:

--Make a topic that appeals to forum members (Good layout).
--Tell your friends.
--Ask around, but not excessively. Spamming servers/RTB chatrooms with "JOIN MY CLAN!!1!" is a bad idea.

     Rule #5: Host often - By 'host' I mean open your server. It's good to have your own server (and not somebody else's) so you can do what you need to do when you need to do it. Don't rely on others to make you a server if you don't have one. Make sure to enforce any rules you may have or things will get rowdy.

     Rule #6: Show-off your talent - Whether you build or race or whatever, show the forum what you can do. Put up pictures or videos of your clan's activities to get people's attention. If you build, make sure it's detailed and doesn't include spam (Bricks without a baseplate, not using as little bricks as possible, or just randomely placing stuff down for no reason). If you don't do this 90% of the time, more hate comments for you.

Need additional help with your clan? Then feel free to Private Messege (PM) me for extra advice. If you don't get something or just plain don't know what to do, I'll always be there to help.

CREDITS: Any clan mentioned in the 'Clan Basics' section
Copyright: EvDowg (BLID: 13525) 11/30/11 5:00PM EST

Off Topic / Random e-mail about Anonymous
« on: November 29, 2011, 02:57:13 PM »
I got an e-mail from an unknown client that said:


And had this attached:

Idk who sent the e-mail but I just sent it to the Spam bin. The picture was grainy even when I got the e-mail but if anyone can read it, feel free. From what i can make up, some douche wanted to make himself look good by bringing up a diagram with contents only God-knows-who could understand. If someone can tell me what goes on through the heads of people like these, please do.

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