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Year/Month: February 2046.

Many years ago, in 2020, NASA has discovered that Gliese 581c was, in fact, not suitable for human life. But, just one solar system away, another planet was found. Gliese 582a, or "Hera". The next space race began. America struggled to keep up with Russia, but in the end, Russia won. They were the first to create a ship that could travel at light speed. America joined them on the journey to the new land. When they landed, they found a perfect world. Mild deserts, dense forests and grasslands, and two polar ice caps. Now, it was up to Russia and the US to create colonies/countries on this new planet.

Here's a size comparson of Hera and Earth


Keep the RP realistic, I don't want everyone saying "lol I have nukes now". No, bullstuff.

If you're going to start a war, you must check with me first.

Don't suddenly start off with 3,000,000 people in your country. The population has to steadily grow.


Country name:

Flag(Make it with Paint.NET or a flag creating program):

Government type:


Root Country(Russia or US):

Population(Max is 100,000,000 for now):


National Anthem**:



DEFCON Alert posture***:

*Alliances can't be formed until your population is atleast 2,000,000, then ask a country if it wants to form an alliance.

**Not a necessity.

*** If you don't know what DEFCON is, or the DEFCON levels, here's a link:

Things you may do:

Start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.

Form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.

Establish trade routes. See above.

Terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.

Whatever you can think of that's not below

Things you may NOT do:

Suddenly claim you have 39492 nukes.

Nuke anything (Yet)

Nuke (Yet)

Have super weapons. (Yet)

Start a nuclear war once ICBMs are enabled.

Base your country off of a game.

Have any super laser weaponry stuff we're not THAT far into the future.

Use real world leaders to represent your country IE: Riddler, Stalin, Bush, etc.

Have really stupid and handicapped named like "SUPERGUNNATION" or "MINECRAFTLAND". Be creative.

Anything you could think of that's completely stupid and unrealistic, use common sense.

And here's the map, let me know where you'd like your country.

Here's a flat map:

*= Countries territory. Can be named if you want, such as Athens. If it's named it does not need a star next to it.

entrepreneur  My Gun could be used as a weapon-maker for your country

Only if you want to make primary/secondary arms.

Country info:

New Hawaii
New Rome
Delan Republic
Republic of Irajinia
Republic of Aksuvistan
United States of Peekarica
The Pact of Hermania
San Diego Party/SDP
Highler Ridge
Republic of Alojzia
New Texas

Current Superpowers:

New Rome
Republic of Irajinia
Republic of Aksuvistan
New Texas

Current Unions:

The United Peoples' Alliance

Current Conflicts:


In the year 2042, Gaian and Euran astronauts landed on Gleise 581c. They noted there was an absence of grass, and the "water" was noticeably lighter. They are currently working on ways to find out how to make the planet suitable for human life. The "water" on this planet seems to be much denser than the water seen on Earth and Earth 2.0. It's also possibly dangerous to humans. This is what makes the planet uninhabitable.

Gleise 581c:

Also, here's a map of our solar system:

As you can see, Gleise 581c is not there. That's in another solar system. All credit goes to NoZoner for the maps.

Current planet(s) of interest:


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Country name: Nogova


Government type: Democracy

Ally(s): Uioprty, Clipton, Gaias, Trejirmia

Root Country(Russia or US): Russia

Population: 99,213,130 currently. Still growing.

Capital: Sierpinski

National Anthem:

Languages: Russian, English

Weaponry: Primary weapon - AK-42C Secondary Weapon - MP-493 Дракон (Dragon)

DEFCON Alert Posture: 1 - Maximum Readiness


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Country name: Nobilia


Government type: Democracy


Root Country(Russia or US): US

Population: 200,500+

Capital: Khede City

National Anthem: None yet.

Draw your country on the map with Paint.NET. Or would you like me to do it?

You do it please. Mine will occupy the one right next to yours.

Wilco. Aaand, done. Updated OP.


Flag: It will be made better over time.

Government type: Democratic Dictatorship

Allies: Shinji - Nogova
         Frontrox - New Rome

Root Country: United States

Population: 17,542,045

Capital: Toble

National Anthem: Not sure what to call this.

Languages: Fautian/Cliptik



Government type: Republic

Allies: Shinji - Nogova
         Frontrox - New Rome

Root Country(Russia or US): US

Population: 24,502,385

Capital: Veer City

Language: Czech/Slovak + Fautian/Cliptik

Current decrees:
Now owned by Night Fox.

Cliptik States Air Force: 750 members. (Toble AFB; North Clipton AFB; Sarsland Central)
Clipton Ground Force: 100 members. 10 squads. 10 troops/squad.
Sars Infantry: 10,000 members. 10 divisions. 10 squads/division. 10 troops/squad.
Cliptik States Navy: 1,000 members. (Titan Bay; Fym Bay)

Tank Reserve: 10 tanks total. 5 Panzer2s. 5 Leopard 1A1s received from Coryza.
Ships: 1 immobile Cliptik superdestroyer; only used for Titan Bay defense. 4 destroyers. 7 lightly-armored torcreep boats. 15 two-passenger waterjets.
AA Weapons: 2 atmospheric flak cannons orbiting Gliese 582a. 100 G to A flak cannons bordering Clipton.
Planes: 2 supersonic jets. 100 F-15 fighters. 10 F-22 fighters. 5 cargo jets.

New Rome has been given use of one atmospheric cannon.
Coryza has received one destroyer, three torcreep boats, and ten waterjets for permanent use.
All resources loaned may be kept by the armies loaned to.

Observed Holidays
   Foundation - Celebration of the days Clipton was founded. Occurs during the days August 1st through 7th. (Much like modern USA's July 4th celebration.)
   Lapdog - Celebration of the invention of the "LapDOG" bio-mechanical robot, which is a highly important advancement in Clipton's technology.
   MaRST Day - Celebration of the day MaRST was founded. MaRST is a company that does many things. (Mining, research, weapon-making, processing, etc.)
   Foundation - Shared with Clipton.
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Country name: Sarsland


Government type: Republic

Allies: Shinji - Nogova
          Night Fox - Clipton

Root Country(Russia or US): US

Population: 134 and still falling

Capital: Veer City

Language: Czech/Slovak

Current decrees:

Country has reached a downfall, done for.

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I claim that island that's just below the upper ice cap/pole/whatever.
I'll design a place later.

For now the country name is Uioprty.

I claim that island that's just below the upper ice cap/pole/whatever.
You'll have to settle with the top half, if that's what you want.
Bottom half of the large island near the top-left.

Country name: New Hawaii

Flag: Jolly Roger

Government type: Democratic

Root Country(Russia or US): US

Population: 2,036

Capital: Parieso (par-e-so)

National Anthem: Deadman's Gun

Location: Those three small islands to the right. Draw it in for me pls.

Language: English
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Alliances are now allowed, and you now must add languages to your countries biography. I forgot to add that.

You'll have to settle with the top half, if that's what you want.


I can already see this ending up like North & South Korea.