Should the terrain bricks be able to use all 2x2 flat prints, or be restricted to ModTer prints?

Use all 2x2 flat print packs (more versatile)
27 (69.2%)
Be restricted to ModTer print packs (limits overwhelming the print GUI)
12 (30.8%)

Total Members Voted: 39

Author Topic: GSF Modular Terrain (4x Pack on RTB, please redownload)  (Read 111095 times)

Tired of boring, cube-scaped terrain? Want to supplement terrain since the v21 update? Had enough of annoying rhetorical questions? Introducing new modular terrain bricks! Just plant it, paint it, and print it.

Known Issues:
1. When small bricks are placed within terrain brick zones, they tend to hide certain faces, thinking they are adjacent to larger bricks. (PIC)
2. When bricks are fakekilled on top of the terrain bricks, they react to the terrain bricks' overall dimensions rather than their collision mesh. There is no way I can really fix this. (PIC)
3. Triangular faces are not hidden when adjacent to brick faces of equal or greater area. This is on purpose due to a glitch where larger faces would be hidden instead of the smaller faces (even though the smaller faces had the correct area). (PIC)
4. Certain bricks, such as the large cubes, tend to hide side faces when placed on the Corner B bricks. (PIC) A temporary fix would be to paint the Corner B brick and then plant another brick on top of the problematic brick - for me a vehicle spawn worked. (PIC) This, however, can actually be a benefit and reduce lag (since triangular faces don't hide on adjacent faces).
5. Vehicles tend to pass through the intersection of the sloped triangular faces on the Corner B and Corner B inverted bricks. I can't really fix this, but the V21 update to the game should improve vehicle physics. (PIC)(PIC)
6. Water bricks can not be embedded into the terrain bricks (since they both are classified as water bricks).

If you are getting a "float" error, try disabling the Build Zones add-on.

If you would like to use your own custom prints for the terrain bricks, just create or rename an existing print pack with the name Print_ModTer_"CustomName" (without the quotes).

If you would like to plant floating bricks without connecting to the ground, try using the large cubes add-on instead of the float cubes. Since the terrain bricks are handled as water/zone bricks, they will not work with other zone bricks.

A save file (consisting of 8189 bricks) to demonstrate how to use the terrain bricks. This pack requires the Modular Terrain-Basic Pack, the Default ModTer Print pack and Trueno's Colorset. It may take about a minute to load and will lag while loading, so please be patient. I recommended loading it on the Slate Sea Revised default map.

Brick_ModTer_4xPack.zip (View on RTB)
Includes 4x normal and inverted bricks. Unlike the other packs, this brick pack has textures aligned with the 4x cube. Also, these bricks don't use zones, which makes them compatible with water bricks. This pack can also be used with the Procedural Terrain Generator add-on.

Brick_ModTer_BasicPack.zip (Now Default)
Includes 64x, 32x, 16x and 8x cube, ramp and corner bricks of various scales.

Brick_ModTer_InvertedPack.zip (Now Default)
Includes inverted 64x, 32x, 16x and 8x cube, ramp and corner bricks of various scales.

Print_ModTer_Default.zip (Now Default)(View on RTB)
Includes 22 print textures for the terrain bricks, which are meant to be painted and are meant to reduce "glowing" in darker settings. Also includes a brick ramp and brick stud texture (I don't take credit for these textures, I simply altered them). (If you wish to add more textures, please give them a transparency value - to reduce glowing and to allow them to be painted.)

Includes printable water, trees and other misc. bricks for enhancing the terrain. (In development)

Includes 32x and 16x road bricks. (I might redo this pack in the near future)

Print_ModTer_Windows.zip -by Counter98
Quote from: Counter98
Window prints for [GSF]Ghost's Modular Terrain Prints! It makes building skyscrapers exremely easy. Includes:
-Basic Window
-Broken Window
-Boarded Up Window
-Broken & Boarded Window

Unfinished Content
Feel free to take over these projects, I won't be able to complete them; the source files are included. All I ask is that you give credit for the original idea and files, thanks. Brick saves use Trueno's colorset, modular terrain bricks and prints, and some use the Medieval pack.

Content Notes.docx
Important notes regarding the unfinished content and brick development.

Here is the save for the "Radical Highway" racetrack build (requires ModTer Basic Pack, ModTer Inverted Pack, ModTer Default Prints, Zone Events and Large Cubes - recommended but not necessary, unless you want to edit the save). Build is not finished, but feel free to edit it. Also, be sure to use the Speed Carts with this track and to activate the red flashing brick to activate the zones - otherwise the loops are impossible.

A small castle build to test the Medieval bricks.

A large-scale, floating castle build using the Medieval bricks. Note: In order to edit (especially when undoing a planted brick) the save, you may need to build a foundation of Large Cubes (i.e. the 64x cubes). However, they may already be in the save file, I forgot. If you want to remove the large cubes later on from the save, just disable the Large Cubes add-on, load the save, and then resave.

A small island build using the Modular Terrain bricks. Note: the trees will not load, sorry. :/

Modular Hexagon Terrain
I lost the files to this add-on, but included it just to give ideas for future content.

Print bricks that are meant to build medieval towns, castles, RPGs, etc., while using as few bricks as possible to reduce lag. This pack is meant to help supplement the removal of maps in the next update.

Decorative bricks for the Modular Terrain add-ons, which includes trees, plants, rocks, etc. The bricks are meant to be a hybrid of the blocky style of the game and to appear realistic and the same time (i.e. by using realistic textures/prints). They are not meant to act like regular bricks, but to appear almost like "static shapes" used in maps in the past, while also being versatile. This is also my attempt to help supplement the removal of maps and terrain in the next update.

Simple doors that can be printed and are designed to reduce lag. Instead of using an animation, the door changes state between bricks when activated.

A print pack for the Modular Terrain add-ons which includes tree, plant and other organic prints, as well as thumbnail names on print icons. Note: Please don't use this and the other default print pack at the same time, as this add-on includes some prints from the old default pack.

A print pack for the Modular Terrain add-ons which includes textures for building interiors and exteriors.
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Cool i was testing these on your server earlier.

You do know you can change the printAspectRatio of the brick datablocks to, say, "Terrain" and the print add-on to Print_Terrain_Default and we won't get 30 photo textures stuffting up the 2x2f list

Aside from that, looks real great etc. (no sarcasm)

I came too many buckets. My house is now flooded. Thanks a lot. >:C

How did Siba's not get approved before these ones?
When were these submitted?

How did Siba's not get approved before these ones?
When were these submitted?
this isn't rtb
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Could use some tweaking.

I see textures packs coming along!
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And my castle is in the first picture!
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These are nice
would possibly look better with shadows n shaders :D


I was being immature here, the bricks are nice, and GSF had the idea of terrain bricks in the first place
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